Help with Grayed out Tiles for Activities and Options Menus

Nothing actually… I am encountering a big problem. I noticed there were literally thousands of screenshots from MSFS in my computers photos. So naturally I thought that my computer was doing this on its own, capturing screenshots for no reason. So I deleted them all. And now when I load the Sim up… I’m getting blank Grayed out tiles for most of the activities, and even the options menus. I re-installed the game. Seems to have gotten a tiny bit better but still most things grayed out. I’m desperate at this point. I’m sorry if this is not the place for this but I really need somehelp 16491878446741141311719589808404|690x690

All was fine until I deleted those screenshots out of my photos on my PC.

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Those weren’t screenshots you deleted. Those were core game files. The sim doesn’t take screenshots by itself.


In which folder did you delete files? You got the exact path by any chance?

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Understood, what must I do to allow the sim to re-create them?

I will look when I return home. I’m pretty sure they were just right there in my “photo” album on my windows 10 PC

That’s why I asked for the exact path.

Because it’s hard to understand how, even if you did take screenshots by yourself without knowing it, (as said the game doesn’t take screenshots by itself) deleting those screenshots shouldn’t have broken your game so they must have been core files (pictures that should appear on your tiles).

Anyway, if you can find the exact path, in order to let the game redownload the files, you’ll need to delete the main folder.

A proper example: Let’s say you fu**** up a file in this folder:

In order for the game to redownload it, you’ll need to delete the “fs-base-ui-pages” folder. The folder right after the OneStore one.
It then will redownload the entire fs-base-ui-pages package when looking for updates at the beginning and recreate the folder and all the files.


I will go back and look where I found all of these photos and trace it. I believe when I was foolishly deleted them I missed a few so I should find it. thank you for your help and your time today

So I have found quite a few new photos in here that have been created since I deleted them all. This is where I did it. I wouldn’t know how to track them though as if I was file surfing to find the community folder… again I apologize. I’m really new with PC I built this PC specifically for MSFS when it came out and I’m still learning a lot

OK so yes, those are core files and not screenshots. You have the planes pictures, the backgrounds, runways, etc. I don’t even understand why those files appear in this Photos App, it doesn’t make sense.

I never used this app so I don’t have any album nor pictures to double check but if you right click on one of those, you could have a context menu and a ‘file information’ selection that’ll show you the path.

Now the issue is that I’m pretty sure all those pictures (and the one you deleted) aren’t all in the exact same folder. :scream:

→ Don’t you still have them in your Recycle bin? Because if that’s the case you can restore everything in one click. When you delete something, it goes to the Recycle bin and you then need to empty it to really delete it.


WOW, that is exactly what I had to do. I cannot believe I didn’t think of that. I’m so glad I joined this forum and asked a question. I really appreciate you thinking to mention that. I just restored the files from the recycle bin and I’m back up and running. Thanks a lot my friend. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, glad I could help!

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