Help with Landing, speed not being reduced / flaps maybe?

I recently bought MSFS and know nothing really about it “technical gameplay wise”, I’ve watched some checklist guides and I can fly the plane okay, (i did the landing fine in the tutorial) but when it comes to a free flying route I take and go in the flying landing pattern it never lets me control the speed could this be due to a flight assistant option I have on that should be off? I landed perfectly in the landing activities just free flying is screwing me over due to this, i get into the flight pattern okay, but then im switching from xbox controller to mouse to open the (flaps?) to reduce more speed to land, but still had problems with reducing speed.

Or am I just bad, and should read a landing guide better? - Tips for controls and what to do is most welcome.

Yes, turn off all your piloting assists.
That will cause that to happen, but so do some airplane autopilots, notably those known as fly-by-wire types.
You should read up on how to work the autopilot of the aircraft you are using.
What aircraft do you use?

I use the A32Neo, (is this the best one to use for a beginner?).
I did disable most auto pilot things to test around with landings, but for some reason i still couldnt reduce speed, could it also be a flap issue where I am not deploying it quicker to reduce my speed to land accordingly?

Yes. With the A320, the flaps set the speed.
You need to learn how to program the MCDU (little computer keys on the pedestal)
There are lots of vids on U-tube and articles on google.

I would also recommend you get the FBW A320NX from here (scan down the page to the read-me)
It is much more realistic and no harder to use.

Hey, yeah I do have that one thats where I got it from, where would be the best place to go to learn about landing with flaps? It’s hard for me to keybind/ or use while trying to land, do you have any suggestions on how I can use the flaps while playing with the controller, or link me a guide where this would be covered?

Try this U-tube video.

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Great video this, highly recommended! :wink:

There’s a reason pilots learn how to fly in “trainer” aircraft, such as the venerable Cessna 152. I’d learn to fly with that before moving on to the Airbus.

However on the Airbus (and other aircraft), there is a device called a “speed brake”. It’s a lever on the center pedestal down and to the left of the throttles. It can be applied in various levels of strength. Using that along with the reduction of throttle will slow the aircraft. Note, too, that you will speed up when in a descent, so choosing when to descend or how aggressively (steep) will be a key factor, too, in controlling speed.

Hope some of that helps.

Flaps will help slow you, but you want to adhere to the minimum speeds for their deployment. There’s a label on the instrument panel that will tell you what those are. Google the various speed abbreviations to decipher those. Extending the landing gear will also generate drag, to help slow you further once you’re at a safe speed to extend them.

The big heavy aircraft take lots of planning ahead. There’s a saying when learning to fly, “Stay ahead of the airplane.” When descending in the DC-6 for example, you need to start from many, many miles out. Same with the Airbus I’m quite sure.

I’d start with the basics in the C152. That’s such a sweet and forgiving aircraft. Move to the C172, then perhaps to a twin or even the C208 Caravan.

Beginning in an airliner is a very steep learning curve.