Help with purchase decision for joystick (Airbus)

I am planning to buy a new joystick and have found the following products:

VPC Constellation ALPHA-L
VPC Constellation ALPHA Prime
Sidestick Airbus for VIRPIL VPC WarBRD Base
Orion2 Airbus A3XX Joystick Combo → currently not available

Do you have any other recommendations? What experiences do you have with the products or what would you choose and why?

I would recommend the Airbus TCA joystick & throttle from Thrustmaster. It has a realistic sidestick as well as two throttle levers, a speed brake lever, a flaps lever, and many other programmable buttons


I have the thrustmaster too but I think it’s in a different category altogether from the virpils and the like. I think op is looking for something more upscale.

I use the VKB flight stick and really like it as an upgrade from my Thrustmaster T.16000.

I also have the FSM-GA unit.

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I agree with MSFSRonS on this question.

I have had several controllers and other products from Thrustmaster and Logitech over the years, and could honestly not recommend either manufacturer due to their general poor performance, build quality and longevity in my experience.

I have had the Hotas-X, T16000M (the airbus sidestick mentioned is a re-skinned version of this) and the X-56 plus some Logitech mice and keyboards, and they all suffered with quality and reliability issues. The flight controls in particular all needed maintenance or repair in surprisingly short timeframes, and were not of great performance due to their cheap design and build choices. The plastic ball and socket gimbals that are common to all these devices are imprecise, non-adjustable and coupled with poor quality sensors and wiring.

I changed to a VKB Gladiator, which is in a different league for performance and quality, despite being less expensive than the X-56 OR warthog. All of the interior components but particularly the damped and adjustable cam-and-springs gimbal reflect much better design and build quality, and so lead to a longer life. My Gladiator did over 1,000 flying hours in MSFS, but still looked and performed exactly the same as the day I bought it.

I had the chance to upgrade from the Gladiator, so I tried out the Virpil Constellation grip and Mongoose base alongside the VKB MCGU grip and Gunfighter base with an open mind, but I found a clear preference for the feel and performance of the VKB.

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I used several joysticks already. Even wrote a review in one of the topics
Long story short:
If your budget allows it, go invest in a vkb gladiator.
Its not that immersive, especially in the 737 i fly often, but it is precise, stable and has a lot of buttons to program. Ideal if you fly DCS fighters as well.

As a throttle quadrant i have the virpil mongoos t50. Beast of a thing with almost to many knobs and buttons…

If budget is a thing, the trustmaster airbus joystick is good alternative. Does its job well and the looks make it very airbussy in the mancave (or dinnertable in my case)
Although i had some issues with the z axis and did some rewiring myself, up to the moment i had enough about it and bought the gladiator.
There are many people who dont have issues with it, but at that time it seemed quite a known issue.

If you go for another stick, virpil is a great quality brand. Bit expensive but well worth the money. In the end its all about your preferences and future plans.

  • How important are immersive sticks,
  • do you want to built a full size cockpit,
  • do you only want to fly airbus or also other sims, planes, helicopters etc.
  • do you have rudder pedals
  • Are you planning to expand with a throttle or do you want everything in 1 because of limited room on your table/desk.

A lot to think about. In my case desk room is an issue thats why i went for the gladiator at first (throttle and stick in 1) and expanded later with an extra throttle