Henrik's Global AI Ship Traffic V2 - Got It Working in MSFS

I got the legacy FSX Global AI Ship Traffic Mod from Henrik working. Just needed to generate a Layout and Manifest File.

Note to users: Do yourself a favor and use LittleNavMap to see the traffic generated - if the AI type reads “Bailene;” that means it’s a whale - I kept chasing this track for a couple of nautical miles, LNM showed I was right atop it, but nothing was on the surface, until the whale jumped up and down. :rofl:

I increased Leisure and Commercial Marine Traffic to 25 and 15 from 10, no noticeable fps loss yet. With those settings I easily had thirty plus contacts showing in LNM within a 20NM radius.

You can have a lot of fun with the Caravan simulating a visual surface search, ships aren’t that easy to find, and the wakes aren’t really working in this version.


Did this last night, works a charm!

is this available for download yet? I was following the forum on AVSIM, but haven’t seen any news on it in a while…

If you mean someone has completely modded it for MSFS, no.

You can still download the original FSX Mod (1 GB) from Flightsimnorway as the AVSim thread states, then follow the (somewhat) convoluted instructions to generate a layout.json file. They also kindly provided a generic Manifest.json in the thread, so you can just copy that into a text file and that’s half the equation right there.

I already saw some of the non-textured ship problems (but it would be great if people could tell us which files are inoperable), see the White Lady Fishing Trawler here, complete with seagull retinue. :slight_smile:

Thanks! much appreciated… good stuff

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Doesn’t work anymore on the Decmber Build. don’t know what making it not work now

Not sure. I pulled all my Community Mods since USA World Update because of the terrible performance hit I was getting. Guess we’ll just have to wait until someone does a better job on the Mod or Asobo improves ship traffic.

Official support is coming :slight_smile:


any news on this?
I’d love to download it
I miss it a lot from P3D


I get at application waring from MS defender when MSFS starts up if i have GAIST_MSFS_V1 in my community folder, if i say ok to the app it still wont load in the SIM. Is ther a fix on this?

Can someone please confirm for me whether there are Icebreaker ships in this addon? Thanks.

This thread was for me getting the old FSX version to work under MSFS. It’s now obsolete. I recommend any readers who encounter this thread go to the main conversation where Henrik (the author) has officially released an MSFS compatible version:

With that, I’m going to close my own thread so folks don’t get zombied here without answers.