Hercules, cant use 4 throttles for 8 engines

I’m sure that when the Hercules H-4 first came out , it mapped 2 engines to each throttle lever (HoneyComb Bravo). But now it won’t allow me to enable 4 levers (axis 1-4) to control all 8 engines. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Yes. Seems to be a known issue. I too have a HCB and wish there were better options for engine control.

Heh, just discovered this bug today too. Flew the H4 right after 40th anniversary came out and the HCB worked just fine to control all 8 engines. Now throttle 1 controls engines 1 and 2, and throttle 3 controls engines 3 and 4. Throttles 2 and 4 do nothing. Only way to control engines 5-8 is by “manually” moving the levers with the mouse. Doh!

Still a fun little flight to niagra falls though. :cowboy_hat_face:

Sadly a case of fixing something not broken. The original engine set up was appropriate for a the pilot on the day. Let’s hope we see more engine controls in 2024.

SPAD.next will allow you to control each engine of the Hercules individually. You can also add a script to FSUIPC for other aircraft like the Latecoere and the Dornier Do X.

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Could your issue be related to this existing bug report ?