Here's a little quiz

Where in the world is this amazing and unique Airstrip?

Since you’re an Aussie, my first guess would be somewhere in the Marshals or Solomons.

Well tc its in the Southern Hemisphere, I’ll give you that.

Just off wilsons prom?

Difficult question. Let me think. Small airfield for small plane=not far from a mainland, An uninhabitable island, inhabited by I guess no more 5 people with lawnmowers who mow the airfield once a week. The people can’t be hermits because they would want to left in peace and not be annoyed by moaning simmers landing there. Could be shipwrecked but it’s unlikely they used lawnmowers as life-rafts when the ship went down. Could be a and island for convicts (me think, like Australia). People who take lawnmowers to mow an airfield must have wanted to live here, which seem really mad. I have numerous mad Aussie friends. Yup, my guess the Island is close to Australia.

I think thats the island where they will put the Asobo-People if the next patch fails. :wink:

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West by several hundred nm

Yes VOP, it is indeed an Island close to Australia. In fact it is less than 100nm from an Australian state capital. If you look close you will see I landed there in a G58 Baron. You have to get the approach just right.

Althorpe Island?

Thought so. Got a couple of Aussie horticulturist friends who smoke cigs that produce strange smelling smoke and like to hide their plantations. Lots of plants along the runway. Will have to ask them where that Island is. :wink:

And the winner is … Yep Althorpe Island. It is used to service a Lighthouse. Great place to land.