Here's how you turn off post processing effects! (Chromatic aberration for example)

Does this remove the annoying glare around simobject edges as well?

The Sharpen 0 / Fringe 0 fix stopped working with the latest update. Each time I edit this in both sections of the config file, it gets overwritten when launching MSFS. If I make the file read-only, the setting stays in the file, but doesn’t have any effect. Chromatic aberration looks so ugly in the main menu / hangar, and sharpen makes the great anti-aliasing from last patch worse :frowning:


I already had those values tweaked before the update and they did not change for me after it was installed, but if I tweak any of the graphics settings I guess they will revert permanently. We should file a Zendesk report about this, even if it concerns a file tweak. That chromatic aberration effect is awful and it should not be forced on all the time!


For the life of me I’ll never understand why they went to extra effort to introduce an effect that simulates bad lenses. It’s like painting a masterpiece oil painting, taking a picture of it with an instagram filter, and then hanging that picture in a museum.


It looks like the old anaglyph technique where you wear the red/blue glasses and it appears 3D. Maybe a way for developers to work on VR without having to use VR headsets?

Otherwise, I have no clue, either. It looks terrible in normal views.

No clue why its a standard in every game. Makes every game look like ■■■■. It’s ridiculous.


Not sure why they would include that in the final game though.

If done right it makes a very synthetic image look more organic, because imperfections add life. That’s also the reason why movies with those awesome anamorphic lens flares look better than movies shot with high end “deflared” lenses, which have a bit of a lifeless image quality.

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Lens flares can ruin a movie. Just look at that Star Trek remake several years ago. What a poo show.

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That has not been my experience. I haven’t had Experience installed and the sharpening and film effect setting is there in NVCP

I liked it and never understood the fuzz people made about the lens flares in that movie. Of course it’s all a matter of personal taste and it’s impossible to please everyone, no matter which approach is taken.

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The point is, effects like lens flare and chromatic aberration are simulating what a camera lens sees, not the human eye. Since it’s a matter of taste, there should be an in-game option to turn off this effect.


Chromatic aberration is perhaps the worst effect I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s something that virtually all cameras correct, so it’s not like it’s showing up in any noticeable way in real images and movies. The first time I saw it in a game, I almost reported it as a bug. I don’t understand why it’s used in games at all, it doesn’t even have the excuse of being “filmic.”

One thing that I would like to see in more games is a toggle to turn off the “filmic” effects. I’m not interested in all of my games being old-timey movies.

Especially in a flight simulator I don’t want the filmic effects - the goal of a flight sim is to simulate the actual experience of flying, not to simulate somebody recording a film while flying.


Thanks for this…

Chromatic aberration is very obvious in cinematics like the hangar, but is it also active when flying? If disabled, what is the result? clearer image?

CA is only active in the hangar in the menu, theres no CA-effect ingame. I tested this after release already. But at some point they increased the sharpening in-game, for my taste its a bit too much and it should be a setting in the menu instead of hard-locked.


You might want to support this which applies equally to VR and 2D:
[BUG/FEATURE] Provide Color Space, Tone Mapping, CAS Shader Strength and post-processing effects controls in VR