Here's my beef with the sim (on xbox, at least)

I played for the 1st time in a few months (Xbox X), and there are a lot of mapped control inputs that are gone. I’ve re-mapped often when playing regularly, but this is beyond frustrating and kills my desire to play.

I’m a casual user, but used to play and be very involved on PC during the last few versions or the sim.

I’ve been a private pilot since 1992, and flew in the military for 20 years.

I just want to play for enjoyment, but the constantly changing settings and button mapping problems make this less realistic for me.



I play on xbox series X and to stop loosing your button bindings you need to save the control profile. I use Hotas/yolk & throttle quadrant, mouse, keyboard and a game controller. In your control settings option at the bottom you have an apply and save option, use this everytime you add a new binding and it saves so you dont have to re work it every time.

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I flew the sim on Xbox from around release in '21 to April of '23. I never had any of my custom control mappings disappear or change without my involvement.

I had custom mappings for the Xbox controller, mouse, keyboard, Thrustmaster Hotas One, Thrustmaster TFRP, Thrustmaster Boeing TCA yoke, Thrustmaster Boeing TCA throttle quadrant 1&2, throttle quadrant 3&4, and Thrustmaster TPR pendular pedals.

That is a fair amount of peripherals with custom mappings and no issues.

I’m on XSX as well and played yesterday and for some reason it loaded the default flight stick profile for me instead of my custom one that I use. Maybe that’s what happened to you? If so, you just have to switch back to your custom one and save.

If that’s not your issue, then I’m not sure. I’ve never had any issues with button mappings disappearing. The only other advice I could give you is to make sure you save your custom mappings because the game wont do it automatically.