Hide (unhide) aircraft I rarely (or never) use on the flight planning page

A lot, in fact most, of the default aircraft, I rarely use. I love the bush taildraggers and don’t need to scroll past airliners or most of the tricycle geared planes to get from the XCub to the Savage Cub. But everyone’s preferences will be different. Airline aficionados don’t need to see the planes I like, for example.

Why don’t you simply uninstall the aircraft you don’t fly?
AFAIK the only aircraft which can’t be uninstalled are the TBM and the 152.

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It does seem strange that they never thought of a favourites system.

As a workaround this would work, but it’s a bit extreme when a simple tweak to the UI would be the more elegant solution.

I would like an option that allows me to switch off the installed aircraft in the hangar and the selection on the flight planning or to make them invisible since there are now many Microsobo aircraft that I do not fly because they do not interest me or simply work badly. It would make sense for me to only display the aircraft in my hangar that I also use because the hangar is now so full and overloaded with things that I don’t need. I just imagine a button in front of the model aircraft in the hangar that fades out the view and on the left edge maybe another category that would show hidden aircraft so that you actually have 2 hangars and unneeded aircraft in the next hangar, which you then put could open to move the hidden aircraft back to the main hangar

You can uninstall them if you don’t want them to be visible.


Exactly. That’s what I do. Just go to the Content Manager and uninstall them

Yes, that’s right, but if I uninstall the planes and want to fly one of them later, I would have to reinstall them, that would be much too cumbersome than having a “favorite hangar”.

The further disadvantage of uninstalling aircraft is that if there are updates, the uninstalled aircraft are no longer taken into account and there is no possibility of checking possible improvements without reinstalling. It may well be that there is an update that changes the flight behavior and use so seriously that I would use the uninstalled aircraft again after the update, which I cannot even check with the deinstallation.


And the other issue is that if you uninstall them, they won’t be available for multi-player or AI or Live Traffic to use.

To me, the best option is an extensible filtering system like FSX has. This automatically supports a “Favorites” category, although, I would prefer the “Favorites” category show me specific planes AND specific liveries, so I don’t have to hand edit directories, etc. to control this. I created all sorts of categories that I would sort my planes in. It also allowed you to turn liveries off and on in the same screen. I HATE HATE HATE having to go to YET ANOTHER WINDOW to drill down in my selection. I should be able to select a plane and expand it’s liveries in the same screen, or at least have it drop down a window over the existing window of the available liveries when I select on a plane.

If a filtering system is created, planes should be able to exist in multiple categories.

And it would be nice if the My Hangar menu remembers the last set of filters you used.

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I have one wish… I actually only “fly” about 5 planes. Finding these in the aircraft selection is always not easy (I think there are now over 70 in the list). I would like a way to hide specific planes and only show my favorite planes. If I want to experiment, just press show all planes again.
Of course there are also addons for something like that, but I’d like to have that natively because I don’t want to install an addon for every ■■■■…

This would be a great feature! I also find myself flying a handful of rather specific aircraft and having to jump around in the massive list to find them. A fav list would be ideal. Could even be implemented like the items you “heart” in the marketplace.

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