Hiding unwanted planes from selection

I was wondering if it’s possible to completely hide planes i do not fly from selection menu.
I was told that i could go through the content manager and disable them, but the question is :
Will there be any impact on models showing up in game (AI traffic) ?? (or whatever other consequences ?)


Yes it will.

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Agree, you’ll lose the sims ability to model other AI aircraft - unless of course you switch other traffic, including multiplayer, off in the Options so no other traffic is present.
You could install AIG Traffic Manager and not use the Controller part as that seems to work with the sim. However there is quite a hefty set of files to download.

You can open the aircraft.cfg and play with these settings:



This is a pet peeve of mine. The “My Hangar” UI is not well implemented. I have five to seven aircraft that I regularly fly. Those should be in my hangar. What we have is more like a catalogue you need to sort through every time you fly. First find your plane, then select your livery. It would be cool if they offered a fixed number of slots, say 10, that you could keep specific liveried models in. For example, my hangar might look like this…

  1. Kodiak 100 Cargo - FedEx livery
  2. Kodiak 100 Mixed - USCG livery
  3. DC-6B Liftmaster livery
  4. DC-6A Pan Am livery
  5. Cessna 414AW - Clean TDS GTNxi livery
  6. Analog Caravan - Grott livery



That’s a good idea that I’d like to see implemented.

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Interesting, im gonna try this…

What we need is an option to favorite planes.


Aye the aircraft selection screen is very untidy. At the least it would be good to have each aircraft appear singly rather than each livery and variation appearing separately. As others have said a favourites tab would be useful.


Or make it possible to favorite some aircraft which then show up at top of the list. Or implement a list with “last flown aircraft” like the “recently played” games list in steam …

Anyway, the plane catalog needs a lot quality of life features which it doesn’t have now.


If you have aircraft that you “Never” fly, why not just delete them ?
That is what I have done along with areas of the world that I never fly in and viola, MSFS loads much, much faster… Now my craft selection list is much more manageable. Deleted items can always be re-installed at a later date.


And have them show up where we last left them on the map!

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That would be perfect.

Ive gained hundreds of GB of space by getting rid of liveries and planes I dont want. Removed all bush flights, all landing challenges and all POI flights. Ive removed all planes except the A320neo, Longitude, King Air and Caravan. Unfortunately they have made some planes impossible to remove.

However the Content Manager is so slow and clunky that it takes ages to do all this. I feel the UI and in-game file management needs huge optimization. Specially a compact text-only mode.

Right now its obviously designed for 100 inch cinema TVs sitting across the room!

How do you do this ?
I suppose you go in Official folder and remove manually unwanted planes but then wouldn’t it reload at each update automaticaly missing planes ?

Because when flying in Multiplayer we still want to see those planes. Uninstalling them will result in only ugly generic aircraft show up.

If it works for you, nice. But it doesn’t mean it’s a solution. It’s a workaround that wouldn’t be needed with a better UI - which this thread is about.
It’s not that people don’t want to have those models installed, it’s about having a better/easier aircraft selection based on one’s commonly used ones.


That is a brilliant idea. I’d love that. Up to 10 slots in your Active Hangar and the rest in Storage Hangar (which is basically the current menu).

Problem would be what happens in a slot if you remove one of the planes or liveries (via addons manager) temporarily…


I go to the “Content Manager”, make sure I have Installed, on the left side of the screen checked, then find the aircraft I no longer want and click (Mark) it then when I have finished marking all the aircraft I no longer want, I click on “Delete” on the bottom right. All of the selected aircraft will be removed from your sim. I also used this method to remove “World Updates” that cover areas on earth I never fly in. You can add them back later if you decide you want that particular aircraft, livery or world update area back in your inventory.

Someone said this is not a solution. I suppose it depends on ones perspective, It was a solution for me, has worked well and addresses the thread question. I am sure a better choice will be available in the future but for now, it worked for me and allowed the sim to load much faster without all the extra planes and areas on the earth I never fly in.

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Well it is a solution, but a clumsy one. Seems an unnecessary step to have to physically delete content from the disk and have to re-download Gigs of data again each time you simply want to toggle what you’re loading.

And the Content Manager interface isn’t exactly user friendly or fast for managing large lists of stuff.

It is what it is though. I imagine they’ll get to improving it one day but there are much bigger fish to fry :slight_smile:


+1 put a wishlist item, you got with my vote… there’s some 45 small aircraft in my hanger… I’d like a proper sorting order on preference, that is aircraft I fly most often, should be on top.

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