High End PC Low End FPS

this airport is “huge” sounds better :wink:

Lot of objects means a lot of CPU and GPU load, this is in each Game / Flight-Sim / other kind of application the same and in each of this are the nice huge places, cities, airports, elements the “problematic parts” ( try e.g. the Syria Map in DCS, if you need I can send you link to clip in yt to a test of it )…
The question is not “that we get lower fps at such places” , the question is “why are the new gpu flagships not a bit better as e.g. my 2080ti”… and this might be an issue in msfs, but can have also a lot of other reasons, eg. the ****** which nvida made with this 3000 series :wink:

Update: a screenshot of how it looks at these airport

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