High GPU Temp (RTX 2070 Super)

I have an RTX 2070 Superand I haven’t played msfs for 1.5 months due to surgery now I am able to play but I get 70-80 sometimes 60 but mostly stuck in 70s and sometimes close to 80 (this wasn’t as high before I stopped playing)

Ideally GPU usage should be around 100% at a frame rate and quality you’re happy with – anything less means your GPU is sitting idle, doing nothing part of the time.

Low usage like you’re seeing may indicate you’re limited by the CPU, or that something is delaying frames to a specific rate (V-sync?), or that you’ve set the graphics settings very low.

I am very sorry I just realized I mistaken the title by high gpu temp

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these temp values are not uncommon and till ~70 I would say “normal”. But also the values around 80 sounds high, but it can for a short-time happen.

Very often a bad airflow in pc-case cause a bit higher temps, thus ensure your pc-case have a good airflow and e.g. if you have cooling-slots at top of the case, nothing block this.
Also often the fans are configured to running to slow, because users want a “silent” pc.

But there are just many other factors as the airflow / size / of the pc-case. Also the model of your rtx2070s , or also the room-temp, etc…


At load, temps in the 70s is what I see with a 2070 Super; my understanding is this is pretty normal. Keep in mind that in the northern hemisphere it’s summer, so your room temperature may be higher as well, producing a higher total peak temp. :slight_smile:

is this normal tho because i havent played msfs for 1.5months