High level clouds - Heavy performance issues

This was previously an issue that I was confident was resolved. With some of the recent updates lately I’ve started to notice performance issues with high level clouds again.

I’m running a pretty beefy system with a 13900k and a 4090 and the high level clouds haven’t been an issue since back when I had a 2080ti in my old system and before FG. Now I’m flying through high level clouds and my fps will drop from 117 (locked) to the 80s and 90s, but only in those high level clouds.

There was a thread created on this topic back in 2021 but the issue was ultimately resolved. Anyone else seeing this same thing again?

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Not in my case, I’ve been flying everything on ultra, 3rd party detailed airliners and smooth as silk even with overcast and high altitude. I also have 4090 but an 11900k cpu

With you FPS counter disabled can you spot the difference between 177 and 80 FPS? You have very sharp eyes.
I fly in VR only, 40-45 FPS is still smooth for me.

Yes, you can very much see the difference between the two.

I noticed the same thing since SU14.
High level thin clouds seems to trigger CPU spikes leading to stutters. Hope it will get fixed with SU15.

Ps: I still wondering if it’s really the clouds or the weather engine behind

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