Highway tunnel underneath runway possible?

Is it technically possible to somehow change an existing airport (in this case the small airport VTPH) with the addition of an actual tunnel going underneath the runway?

Right now, the highway basically and very unfortunately stops before the runway on both sides. So I’m wondering before I go dig into it, whether it is actually possible or not to develop it.

Thanks for any helpful feedback ^^

Location: Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more

Screenshot Bing Maps:

Check KLAX as HWY 1 goes under the south complex runways. If Asobo modeled that then you can be sure it’s technically possible even if it’s not obvious or well documented. Good luck!

Hi there, LGAV by FlyTampa - see Marketplace - also has the motorway going under airport taxiways (cut and cover style) like the real thing at Athens International Airport.

Ah yes indeed Thanks!

Awesome will take a look, thanks ^^