Hitting the dlc brick wall on xbox sieries x

Ok i think i hit the dlc brick wall on xbox sieries x. I own 362 dld for msfs 2020. And i get stuckt on the content update screen .

After the last update i thought its because of the update. So i deleted all dlc and thr game run with no trouble.

Then is installed my dlc never more than 10 at the time restart the game
, all good.

350 dlc in no problem
360 dlc no problem
As soon i go over 360 dlc i get stuckt on the conten upadte screen.

I done this 3 times now and i changed the dlc i installed last but the results are the same .

So Msfs2020 is thats it ?

Cant handle the xbox more than that. If that is true a lot of xbox user gone run in this trouble over time in your ten years of actively supporting the sim.

And of course you want to use your dlc after spending quit a amount of money. Anyone has experienced the same ?

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That is nearly the entire marketplace?

Nope that would be more than double but yes its quit a few.