HK-36 Super Dimona

I would like to propose the addition of the HK-36 Super Dimona, which is the TMG (touring motor glider) sibling to the DV-20 (DA?). Probably best added in the Deluxe package.

I currently flight train on this aircraft IRL for my TMG rating and would love to be able to do VFR navigation and procedure training on it in FS 2020!

The Super Dimona is a very popular TMG in gliding clubs around the world and shares most of the components and systems with the DV-20. The main differences are that it has much longer wings with glider-type air brakes and a glide ratio in between a sport plane and glider (around 1:20 if I remember correctly). The handling is also different as landings should be performed as a glider with the motor at idle using the air brakes to adjust the descent path. The roll rate is also much slower.

I would not suggest to add this airplane if it wasn’t for the fact the the DV-20 is already created and shares a LOT of geometry with the HK-36. The cockpit is basically identical.

Please respond to this thread if you also which to see this aircraft added!


Yesss I also want the HK-36 it´s one of my favorite planes i hope it´s coming in the simulator and sorry for the bad english im from austria.


I just moved this post here to the wishlist section from prop aircraft, where it was initially posted.

I hope they consider this plane at some point!

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I would also love to see this plane in the sim! The TCC Version of it. I heard you can go up to almost 2G xD


Yes, it would be great to see the Dimona in MSFS as we start to use then simulation for real pilot training in addition to the practical part.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is a bit hard to get touring motor gliders (TMG) ready to use for MSFS.

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As a glider pilot training on this aircraft for TMG rating I would love to see the HK36-TTC being added by Asobo.

The Super Dimona can also be used as a towing plane for gliders - and the climb rate is very nice (1000 fpm). Glider landings with the engine shut down are also a lot of fun.
The DV-20 in the sim also has a different cockpit to a lot of Super Dimonas (most of Super Dimonas i have seen have the cockpit with a bump in the middle).

I would be happy to work on such a project if there is no planned work from Asobo on this for the next year.

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Mee too! It’s such a nice TMG.

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Now that there are both gliders, thermals and the DV20 it should be relatively low effort to recreate the HK36. I hope it will happen!

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Just so you are aware I do believe the Super Dimona exists as a free mod but I don’t think it’s updated for SU11 which I assume it would need to be for it to fully take advantage of the new features.

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post a link if you think it’s available - this is the first I’ve heard about it?!

You can find the mentioned free mod here: [WIP] Diamond HK36TC Super Dimona » Microsoft Flight Simulator
Unfortunately, development has been frozen for quite some time now. If the author cannot sustain it anymore, perhaps somebody else with the necessary skills (which excludes myself, unfortunately) can pick up from there. Would be greatly appreciated.
My favourite would be this very TC-variant airframe with the cockpit in the current style of the default DV20. That is the configuration of the late-model Super Dimona I’ve had the pleasure to fly and teach in some years ago. So I would even be up for payware at just about any price point out of nostalgia. :slight_smile: