HMS Belfast in London disappeared in

Removed orbx London after update but. Has anyone else encountered no HMS Belfast at Tower Bridge?

New update works with Orbix. Reinstall it but big hit on frames.

Yes it has been reported re HMS Belfast.

Re the ORBX I turned off the photogrammetry and re-installed ORBX London Landmarks and EGLC and all is fine. Quite a small FPS hit in 2D, but a bigger hit in VR.

Let’s see when the server madness etc dies down!

Yeah, agreed. They are saying in release notes that Orbx London has known issues. Didn’t cause problems for me, anyway, as you say give it time to cool down.

I modified your title so that it’s easier for people to know what it’s about.

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Yes, Where has Battersea power station gone? (It looks like a multi story carpark has replaced it!) It’s a very useful navigation landmark. Keep just to the left of it when flying from East to West and you have a rough, but have fairly good visual track to Heathrow.
No HMS Belfast, No Thames Barrier (My dad worked on that!) Even Guys Hospital Tower (AKA known as the dinosaur has vanished although it appears in some splash screens.
What’s going on?

I’ve just re-installed from Orbix. Thought this was an update? Two London Eyes???

I think the lesson to be learnt from this is until the area of the world has had its update don’t buy 3rd party addons for that area.

After SU5 HMS Belfast has disappeared and AGAIN been replaced bij 2 big motoryachts!

Agreed. Took off from London City and flew west over the Thames. No Thames Barrier and HMS Belfast is missing.

Can’t find the Thames Barrier either.

Hi, after you re-installed London Landmarks could you switch photogrammetry back on or do the problems come back if you do?

I’ve had to uninstall Landmarks because the sim won’t load.


With the ORBX stuff I turn the photogrammetry off and I don’t have any conflicts etc

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Ok thanks :+1:

Personally I prefer to keep photogrammetry on if poss. Fortunately Orbx Leeds/Bradford works fine with it :grinning:


Closed as Won’t Fix at this time.