"Hold Mouse 4 to lock cursor" (quality of life change for head tracking)

Ok so i dont know how much of an issue it is for non-tracker users…But my biggest pet peeve currently is trying to spin the heading/baro knob with TrackIR, its like a surgical procedure! The slightest movement of your head combined with cabin shake and instead of spinning that bug your zooming in/out like a madman. Its even worse on planes with stacked knobs like the 172 g1000.

An option to hover over the desired button then hold mouse button 4 or something to lock the cursor in place regardless of head movement or cabin shake would be a lovely quality of life feature and lets be honest a bit more realistic, if i want to look left in reality my hand doesn’t need to follow me :stuck_out_tongue:

That is what the TrackIR Pause button in the TrackIR software is for. The problem is it isn’t working properly in fs2020. You set the pause in TrackIR and in a few seconds it defaults back to FS2020 Center position. I’m having the same issue as you.

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Even if the pause button worked thats NOT the solution. Its like saying “Take your VR headset off to interact with with instruments”. Disabling the very thing you are looking at the buttons with just to use them and then re-enable is a ridiculous solution.

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Sorry I mentioned it.

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I forgive you.

I have a solution for you as a workaround. Create 2 trackir profiles.
Profile 1 is your normal trackir. Set two key binds for it in the dropdown, one for “Profile” and one for "Center.
Profile 2 is a profile with all axis bubbled pushed to the bottom or untick all the axis checkboxes. This effectively makes a no tracking profile. Set a “Profile” Key bind.

My example. Flying along, lean in, push the key bind for profile 2. I am now locked in place. I finish doing what i’m doing and I then push the key bind for profile 1 which reverts me back to a tracking profile. Lastly i click the keybind for “Center” to ungoof anything that happened to my head while in Profile 2.

Presto, Changeo. Efficient Pausing.

Have Fun!


Thank you for the workaround. I have an open issue with the Zendesk so I hope they will fix it with the next release.

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