"Hold Propeller Reverse 1,2,3,4" for Multi Engine is needed for Feathering Propellers

There is currently Hold Propeller Reverse however that applies hold to all propellers.

Hold Propeller 1
Hold Propeller 2
Hold Propeller 3
Hold Propeller 4
( more if 6 or 8 engine are ever implemented )

There is a work around available, but that can only be done if the levers used are on the same controller like the Honeycomb Bravo, Velocity One, etc.
Example Here for Bravo

If two separate usb devices are used, Logitech Throttle Quads for instance, this can not be accomplished.
It would also make mapping easier & more intuitive for everyone, without having to use an external program( FSUIPC, SPADNEXT ).