Home Cockpit DIY Airbus A320

Hi! I am thinking of building my own A320 FCU module via 3D print. However, as I have totally no knowledge on electrical wiring, circuit boards and etc.

Can anyone share with me on where I can pick up these knowledge and skills? As I have been looking up forums on building home cockpits, and there are quite alot of technical terms being used in which I do not understand. Such as, fsuipc, arduino, mobiflight, 7 seg, output, events… And many more…

And also how does the PCB works, how do u know which wire to connect to which pin or soldering etc. Or rather how to find out which pin is for what purpose on the board.

Check out this sim. He has some pretty detailed information. Basic electronics videos on YouTube can help.

Boeing 737 AutoPilot Panel (MCP) for MSFS2020, Prosim & PMDG - YouTube check out heli mech

More than happy to help if you need to "lean on " for some advice.

Start with learning the arduino and building a very basic button box with a few switches. Go from there but start small and simple. Let it evolve