Honeycomb Aeronautical Partnership -- Please fix input bugs

Sure please!!! Thx

The following images show my mappings for both Alpha and Bravo. The Alpha is mapped to vJoy 1 to 1. Meaning button 5 on Alpha is mapped to button 5 on vJoy. However, I added 40 to buttons I mapped from Bravo. So button 17 on Bravo would be 57 on vJoy for example. This might not line up with the xml you have so adjust your mappings as necessary.

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I’m astonished such a simple bug as “don’t screw up the sim if a button is mapped as set” is still present after all this months… Still Asobo got paid to wait for customers to solve their shortcomings after buying 300$ hardware pieces, which work perfectly outside their software.

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Iagree… Having spent $990 for ALpha and Bravo and not working i’m just p####d off with Honetcomb who do not respond to my emails

Honeycomb can’t do anything for this bug. Their controllers work as expected. The button press acceleration is a software bug on Asobo part.

This is understandable but this doesn’t solve the problem of using the Honeycomb hardware with other programs which are using auto-detection for assigning switches:

More about this:

Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained - #344 by CptLucky8
Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained - #2 by CptLucky8

No, this is really on Asobo to fix. It’s not the controller manufacturers job to code work arounds for the application.

It was really bad today as ALT was jumping by 2000 using the knob on the Bravo. I have tried using the fix in FS Tool but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference. I am trying to wait this out without going the additional software route as I am not keen on having to redo the 8 profiles I currently have on the Bravo. I just reverted to using the mouse clicks today.

why should anyone use a airplane cloche for a racing sim and expect it to work with switches?

Hi all
Just plunged in the honeycomb bravo throttle and none of the axis work.
I have the default selected
If I try and change them they become a switch (on or off)
If I check them in sensitivity it looks fine
but I cant get anything to work in the sim
Any suggestions?

You definitely need to make a custom profile make sure when you are programming the axis you don’t go into the detent because that is a button. Also make sure you have downloaded the driver off of honeycombs website. Also for the axis make sure you are programming them in the 100 thru -100 axis not throttle increased and decrease.

Thanks for this - I am going to try this today! One question, it looks like you mapped the throttle detent buttons on the Bravo within MSFS. These detents wont send continuous signals triggering the 100/1000 bug?

A slight breeze from either East or West will trigger the 100/1000 bug, as I see it.


I don’t know as I have not mapped them to the auto pilot I use them as reverse thrusters sorry. Last I heard all of the buttons on bravo are continuously on. I’m sure the heading bug will be the same no matter where you map to it.

Yes these throttle indents do send a continuous signal so would cause the acceleration bug BUT when you use the throttle indent for their intended function (reverse thrust) you are never adjusting altitudes or the OBS dials anyway so it doesn’t matter.

BUT to be safe you should unmapp the throttle indents on the other throttle levers that you are not using; especially those where you have to pull them all the way down to put on the rubber covers

The other thing I see a lot of people over looking that triggers the acceration bug on the Bravo is the left hand rotary dial where you select alt, heading etc. That must be unmapped from the Bravo profile as well.

And don’t forget to unmap the landing gear lever!

Makes sense thanks!

I think I have Gremlin and vJoy set up properly, but there must be something I’m missing. I set some bindings in Gremlin, but none of the inputs are recognized in MSFS under the vJoy control settings.

Make sure and click the controller icon in Gremlin so that is GREEN. If it is BLACK it is not enabled

I found that in most cases you manually have to select the vJoy button from the drop down list