Honeycomb Aeronautical Partnership -- Please fix input bugs

Dear Asobo,

There are a significant number of posts on these forms as well as others where people are reporting that use of the non-momentary key switches on the yoke (Button 13 - 35) are causing certain functions in the sim to trigger at a 10x magnitude vs what they should.

Specifically, heading adjustments, FLC adjustments move at 10x (10deg, 10kts) vs 1x (1deg 1kt). Secondly, trim inputs are magnified 10x as well causing users to really struggle to trim out planes and assume the flight model is “broken”.

The Key switch also does not function correctly in that when placed in the start position, you may-or-may-not have enough “on” time to start any of the planes. Modders are fixing this using engine.cfg adjustments for start-on-time as a workaround and this not at all optimal.

I have filed numerous bug reports, but I am hoping now that you have “announced” a partnership with HoneyComb, you will take these realism breaking issues into account, and furthermore prevent them from affecting the Bravo before it releases in-mass to the public.


Usage of Keys 13 - 35, when configured as SET on the yoke, triggers the sim to interpret adjustments to heading, Vertical Speed (FLC) or trim wheel inputs with 10x magnitude vs desired 1x magnitude. The SET function keeps the input value on when switch is set, and the SIM seems to be unable to handle this input correctly triggering this bug.


  • Leaving these keys (Master Group, Avionics Group, Light group or Magento Group) set to off on yoke solves the issue, but requires users to forgo a key feature of the product and use keyboard bindings or mouse to manipulate key switches. This is a key feature of the product and needs to work correctly.

  • Use 3rd party programs to create a virtual device and toggle the controls. This allows the user to create a “momentary” switch for on and off virtually to prevent this runaway situation from SET and full-time on. The example below creates a “PRESS - wait - DEPRESS” situation allowing the sim to register the input, and disable the signal. This works great EXPECT for another core input but listed out below. Secondly, this allows proper use of the key switch as well and allows the user to “fix” the start function not staying “HIGH” long enough to start planes by adding a longer delay to “pressed”


Caveat Magento’s

There seems to be an issue where the above only works using Magento(s) vs Mag 1 for single-engine planes. Using Mag 1 will cause a rapid toggling of the key switch moving between mag R and Mag L. Changing input to Magento’s solves it.

Other Bugs Found

The key bindings for Taxi, Navigation, and Beacon do NOT work when assigned to ON or OFF. Toggle or SET only work. When not using ANY 3rd party solutions, simply changing the default Yoke settings for these three lights from SET to Button 25 ON Button 26 OFF for Taxi Light, for example, will result in nothing. They both have to be set as Toggle, as shown below.

I encourage other Honeycomb users to chime in here and vote this up for a solution. I am concerned we will be in a similar situation with the Bravo and have to use 3rd party capture software to program the prereferral so other critical functions in-sim do not break. If Honeycomb reads this, please help us push Asobo to recognize this issue and resolve it for existing and future products!

Reference Posts for this issue - To many to link


I reached out to Honeycomb about the problem. Seems MS is aware but is under no pressure to fix the issue.

Another Post on the same topic:

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This need attention now. It doesn’t just affect Honeycomb users. Anyone with controls featuring always on switches is affected.

The fact there is absolutely zero acknowledgement of the issue from Asobo is extremely poor.


Partnership? Partnership in what? In ignoring bugs? It is so annoying… No, I’m not going to unbind the switches… they are there for a purpose.

(Honeycomb could also come back with a “workaround” driver let the person choose to have only “one-time” sending the command instead… and continue to try to reach out their partner).


In my conversation with Honeycomb, it seems there are multiple vendors having the same issue, and it’s linked to the type of hardware sourced for the units.

MSFS is the only sim having issues with said hardware and it also seems it’s very much by design. Overall I would like to see more focus on core issue fixing vs “world updates” and other eye-candi updates.

Get the core sim in shape, then the rest becomes value-added updates. Right now the core has so many issues that otherwise would-be amazing additions are overshadowed by the constant stream of problems.


Found this from Almost Aviation which explains the issue really well and he does repeatedly state that it’s not a Honeycomb issue.


Exactly, it’s an issue way beyond just Honeycomb, just trying to use the “partnership” as a platform to push for a solution to a much broader issue.

Yes, and no.

It’s by (poor) design that any button press is repeated until released. The current issues aside, one may have concerns about how processing all those events effect performance.

But it must definitely be a bug that the depressed state of any key has a global acceleration effect on the dial and trim controls.


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Voted, thanks for the thread.

Asobo should also realise that many have pre-ordered the Bravo Throttle (more always on inputs) and many of the HOTAS stick products that have been out of stock since the sim became public.

I have submitted to Zendesk but they keep marking it as ‘solved’ when it clearly is not.

Solved just means they read it and added it to their internal list. From there they decide if they do anything with it or not.

The only way to know its picked up is if it shows up in the Dev Q&A or the Top Bug list. Unfortunately, “We want trains” is higher priority than basic control input issues. :frowning:


Perhaps it’s easier to resolve the ‘no trains’ concern than it is to provide a solution to this.


Got my Bravo throttle yesterday and tried it today. Completely unusable because of the above issues. Horrible first experience :frowning:


Lucky you! Where did you get it from?

Sorry it is not working well, can you check out the thread below and see if you can make it work?

I was in the week 1 pre-order group.

Yes, there’s lots of docs out there about how to use vJoy to work around this. It’s frankly absurd that this far after release I have to resort to 3rd party tools to make a Microsoft partner’s product work with FS2020 correctly.


Vote it up!

I find it disheartening that nearly every feature in this game that has to do with a partnership is broken. Vatsim. Honeycomb. MeteoBlue. NavBlue. Major issues with all they have.

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Thanks, ‘solved’ implies resolution, maybe ‘Can Kicked Down Road’ would be a better label?

Yes, it seems so. I had hoped the latest patch might address this but the old download loop is back again, I guess the train people will deny this issue exists and blame my perfectly working internet and every ridiculous ‘work around’ that consumes time and patience to no end. Hey Ho.

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Likewise and I feel your frustration and disappointment.

I would have hope if Asobo concentrated on the foundations and secured the base functionality of the sim before worrying about the best looking tiles for the roof.

The devs claim to read through these forums so I guess all we can do is make a lot of noise, up vote and Zendesk like maniacs and trust they are as good as their word. My belief is waning :wink:


If I had to guess they are holding off on solving this until they do the larger auto-pilot/G1000/G3000 update in 20201.

Seems to me read the next patch has a bunch of this as fixes. However, the last patch totally hosed up my Logitech 3D Pro joystick to the point I had to delete all my mappings and reenter them, and then it would not respond to the way I had it. I have decided that going to stop messing in the sim and wait until July 2021 (will update per cycle but won’t use it) and see how it works then. I know I can launch FSX and it will work perfectly. Now with that said, not sure how the HC TQ is going to work, as I may have to input all the buttons and map them by hand. Not going to waste time until my new grip and base gets here, then I can spend winter day doing it all at once. This is just another mess, we should NOT have to work through period.