Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo - are they pre-mapped in controls?

Have both Alpha and Bravo on order, will the essential functions be pre-mapped in MSFS controls?

Asking because my old Saitek Cessna setup with yoke, throttle, trim wheel, and rudder pedals are shown as ? and zero functions pre-mapped in MSFS. Mapping is time consuming and I’d rather be flying!

I downloaded Spad.next 14 day trail version but find it kinda buggy and AFAIK any assignment changes have to be done outside MSFS, which adds even more time.

I don’t remember having to do much with the Alpha but the Bravo definitely needs to be mapped for each aircraft, or at least each type of aircraft. Do a YouTube search for RMAG Bravo Throttle setup. It’s a very good starting point for setup.

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There’s also some redundancy in the rocker switches on the Alpha and Bravo. I’d advise to leave the Alpha alone and assign the 7 rockers on the Bravo to whatever you like. E.g., I have 1 to 7 set as:
Parking brake; Yaw Damper; Cabin Lights; Flashlight; Windshield de-ice; Pitot Heat; and Airframe De-ice.

Definitely suggest you run through the Rmag Youtubes on setting up the Bravo. Very good!

The other thing: download the LED light driver [AS_Honeycomb_MSFS.zip] from the Honeycomb site under downloads/msfs. Simply unzip the file which will reveal an .exe file which is an INSTALLER. Run it from where you find your downloads. Do not put it in the Community folder; with any luck the installer will find your Community folder and put the AFC-Bridge file into your Community folder automatically. Then your gear lights, annunciator lights and AP mode LED’s will work.

I have never had a wrinkle with this and think the Alpha and Bravo are fabulous, but many people can’t get this right for some reason. Good luck.

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