Honeycomb Alpha and Multi Engines

For people using the Honeycomb Alpha…how are you going about starting your Multi-Engine aircraft?

Just purchased the Seminole and as I had a feeling it would…cranking the magnetos starts both engines simultaneously.

Is there a way to start each engine separately without using FSUIPC?

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Unfortunately, the starter on the Alpha isn’t designed for multi engines, even though the throttle is.

The only way really is to bind some keys or buttons to starter L and R functions. You have a lot of buttons on the Bravo you could assign. Ot you can bind keyboard shortcuts. The key / rotary switch on the Alpha would control the magnetos for both engines, but you can have separate starters for each engine.


Makes sense…I’ll probably end up doing it on my bravo.

I just wasn’t sure if there was some setting or shortcut I was missing.

I have L and R starters on my Stream Deck. I use the magneto control on my Logitech switch panel to put then engines in the “Both” position, then the Stream Deck to start the engines individually.

Once Asobo fix the altimeter and heading value change bug associated with the Alpha’s “always on” switches, I’ll likely use the Logitech magneto for my left engine, and the Alpha one for right engine.

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You can set up a combo for the starters. For example, if you want to control the mags per engine with the mag key on the yoke, assign each position of the key in combination with another key. In the screenshot below, I have paired the two white buttons (2 and 3) on the yoke with the respective mag key positions.

You do have to remember to reset the key to the correct position and then set the button combo for each engine start.

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Oh this is a great idea. Thank you!

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Very good idea!

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