Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo Available at Marv Golden

For those of you that are interested, the Alpha is in stock at Marv Golden. I bought mine through them and had a really good experience.

Edit: The Bravo is now in stock as well!


Was just coming here to post this. I have no experience with the business but they seem to have great reviews. Ordered my Bravo yesterday when I could not find it anywhere else.

They are based out of San Diego, literally right next door to where Honeycomb is headquartered…not that that really means a whole lot, though! I bought my Alpha through them and had no complaints at all. I called them every few weeks to see if they had an update and were always real responsive and friendly. Seems like a good small business with really good customer support.

Also for those of you that are not in the US, THEY DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.

I can’t beleive that they are not sold out yet. I actually waas able to get one it looks like. Now I can cancel my Pilotshop order that I was supposed to get last October

Well this was a bit of my concern before ordering; sine I have not done business with this retailer before. I hope the units are actually in hand and I am not ordering a place in line. I have no reason at this time to believe they are not in stock (hand). Anyway, time will tell.

If you have any doubts, give them a call. They are a small business that will actually answer the phone when you call them! I’m sure they will tell you right away if they physically have them in their store or not.

Just as an update…indeed they’ve got em (just called). Mine shipped yesterday.

Just snagged one, fellas! Burnt my lunch doing it BUT I GOT A BRAVO!!!

Glad to hear that you guys both got one. Have fun!

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Once I get the shipping confirmation I’ll cancel the one I ordered from Sporty’s 4 months ago that’s gotten pushed back 4 times. It’s now supposed to ship next Friday but I’ve heard that before…

Looks like the Bravo is sold out now…

I’m shocked it lasted as long at it did. I burnt my lunch on the stove ordering mine I was in such a hurry. Just got my shipping confirmation. Hallelujah!!

Mine will arrive on Monday, I can’t believe it. Thinking of keeping my other order and selling it on Ebay,nah, I am not a scalper and I detest them.

I was able to snag both the Alpha yoke and Bravo Throttle form Marv Golden yesterday as well. Had tracking within a couple hours and looking forward to them arriving on Wed.

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