Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo on L shaped desk?

Has anyone mounted their Alpha & Bravo on an L shaped desk?

I recently bought a really nice corner desk. I run 4 monitors (triple + 1 up) and my thinking was since the center monitor is at the center of the desk corner my yoke would sit great right in the center of the L inside corner. I was right. But then I bought a Bravo (before you can’t get them anymore) and now I have a problem.

I saw an amazing set up where the guy has his like me, however, when he wants to fly the entire monitor cluster slides on a curved track to the long side of the L where he has his flight sim gear set up. Very very cool. But not currently an option for me. And my L shaped desk is the same length on both sides. So more of a > but open more, obviously.

I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Has anyone else done something on this type of set-up? What did you do if you did and can anyone else think of a way to make it work if not?

I only fly in VR so this probably won’t be too helpful in your case but…

I actually have the Alpha and Bravo mounted on the short part of the “L” and everything else – keyboard, monitors, printer, etc. – on the long part (which means those things are to my left while flying).

Maybe useful for someone contemplating a VR setup but with limited space (like my room).


I don’t have an L-shaped desk but the monstrous clamps of the Honeycomb and the mounting plates were not what I wanted. So I left them out and used double sided adhesive tape to fix the devices where they belong. May be that is an option worth considering for you.

Regards, Frank

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Maybe attach a triangular piece of plywood to the bottom of the inside corner of the ‘L’ so that you have space to mount the Alpha/Bravo side-by-side underneath. Make the plywood wide enough for your keyboard on top.

The only downside might be that it pushes you back too far from the rest of your peripherals. Here’s a pic of what they look like mounted under my straight desk.
I left space between them for a future cyclic purchase. You could certainly mount them closer together.

I’ve had these mounts for 10 months, and (aside from an occasional need to tighten the mount with the included thumbscrews) they’re holding up well. The design is such that the Alpha/Bravo are easily removable. The LED option, while not perfect, is a must, IMHO.

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I got ya.

I have an L desk. Originally I was going to build a platform to make that a straight edge. Basically cut a 4’x4’ in half diagonally.

I recently received my instrument panel from @flightVelocity and it actually spans across the gap. I may drop a plank under to support the panel.

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Welcome to the forum D. And wow…I will have to look into that. I like that…

I was thinking along those same lines. But the same issue hit me…it would push me back making the nice triple monitor set up much less immersive. Dumping the brackets does make some sense in this case…as I can mount them a bit off where they (the yoke) should be and while I really would prefer under the desk on top wouldn’t be the end of the world. I can have the monitors up higher if I needed…but I don’t think I would need them higher than they are…

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I totally understand your reasoning. I mounted mine underneath to get better access to my other peripherals.

I built little platforms for the Alpha and Bravo, then screwed the suction plate to the top of the platform and mount the peripherals that way. Now they sit on top of the desk with clearance for the yoke and trim wheel. Now I can put them anywhere on my desk which is a small L-Shape desk. I did have to make a bracket that goes over the back of the desk to hold the yoke in place when pulling it (it wanted to tip and slide) but there may be a more elegant solution to that. One of my self imposed rules was to not permanently attach anything to the desk.

I can’t seem to find pictures of the finished set up but here’s an old mock up.

The Alpha and Bravo mount plates are fastened to a board (a melamine shelf), which is then clamped to the desk, bridging the L. The Bravo plate is elevated with some dowels so the trim wheel will clear the desk.

The height was a little awkward at first but I got used to it.

Once I find more recent pics I’ll update this post.

EDIT: Easier to take a fresh picture. Not the best photo but shows what my set up currently looks like

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