Honeycomb Alpha Pulls Left

I’ve had this yoke way back to my X-Plane days and in the past few months I’ve noticed that the instant I get in the air it starts to pull a little to the left. It’s as if I’m rolling left; however, I’m not doing it. Anyone else experience this?

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do you have a fuel imbalance? does it do the same in other sims?

There are a lot of reasons your aircraft will pitch left, which you may already know. If not, here’s a good primer:

Left-Turning Tendencies Explained: Why Your Plane Pulls Left During Takeoff | Boldmethod

If your yoke is pulling egregiously to the left and only in MSFS, check and make sure you’re on Modern and not Legacy flight model. Some people got switched to Legacy when SU5 happened which can do all sorts of weird stuff. You mention “a little to the left” though which sounds normal and expected for single engine pistons at least.

Could always be a calibration issue, too.

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It’s normal for an aircraft to pull left. Especially when having high RPM. Use right rudder always when above cruise RPM (it should be aerodynamically compensated for that).

I might need to be more clear. It pitches more than what would be normal. I’ve been flying many years and never had this issue before. This feels more like some kind of calibration problem but cannot find anything in the control options to calibrate my axes, only to adjust sensitivities.

Flying fast jets, like the F-15, is completely erratic. It’s hard to land when the plane constantly wants to roll left.


I’ll check the flight model suggestion. That could be it.

Stopped flying other sims since MSFS, but almost a year on MSFS never with a problem until recently.

Do you mean rolls more than normal?

So it’s happening with Jets as well as props? That might be the yoke itself in that case.

A quick test. Unplug the yoke, and take off with keyboard only. Numpad 2 is to pull back on the yoke, by default at least. Do you experience the same rolling tendency that you didn’t have before? If not, then the yoke is the likely culprit. If you still get the excessive roll, then it must be something else in your sim.

Yes, meant roll. Sorry.

Just resolved doing the strangest thing. It’s almost like it was storing some value in the registry somewhere (or something similar).

  1. Went in the menu to “General\Flight Model”. Changed from “Modern” to “Legacy”. Changed the values for gyro to zero. Started flying, didn’t change anything.
  2. Went back to same general options and changed back to “Modern”. Started flying, didn’t change anything.
  3. Went to the menu “Assistance” menu and changed “Assisted Yoke” to “Yes”. Started and “fixed” but obviously that was annoying and not really a fix. Then wen back to set “Assisted Yoke” to “No”. Restarted and all fixed.

That makes literally no sense.


Maybe not, but I believe @PZL104 has mentioned this procedure a few times. It’s definitely a thing, but what triggers it I have no clue.

It does point to a setting that was set to something other than the GUI would lead you to believe. Toggling it from one known state to another corrects the fault.

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Ok this is crazy, but after replying here, next time I booted up the sim I started experiencing the same thing as OP. And I can’t resolve it with the steps OP performed. What on earth… I have to hold my Honeycomb Alpha at 45 degrees to the right to even stay level and not roll very sharply.

EDIT: Nevermind… in my case it actually was calibration, never had an issue with the Alpha before but it was WAY off, simple recalibration fixed it.

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All - I dont have alpha, there is excellen reclabration video on Youtube from an english gentlemen, who opens video in a cockpit home built.

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke SECRET Calibration Mode! - YouTube

See if this helps.


Very interesting.

I’ve only done a few flights with my Honeycomb Alpha, but each time I’ve noticed the yoke has to be turned to the right to cancel out the tendency to turn left.

This is roughly how I have to hold the Alpha Yoke to taxi straight. Auto rudder is turned on, as I’m waiting for the Honeycomb Charlie to be released.

Saw the calibration video. Wondering if I should do that? I emailed Honeycomb support on the 16th of November and still haven’t received a response. :confused:

Oh and the beer in question is “Hop Island IPA” from Honolulu Beerworks. If you’re an IPA human, you want to drink this. :slight_smile:

If WX is factor, you will have manual correction to counter any wind effects. And the controls should go back to null, as designed to hold position only as long as that angle (yoke) is held. But to counter the right turn, you do have to turn left. The controls may want to keep angle unless you counter, not like power steering in car. All driven by cables and pulleys unless FBW plane flown. Then no help here hate FBW planes, very hard to “get the feel” of the plane.

I took a look on the Honeycomb site and they posted the manual calibration steps. I’m going to try that when I get to “flyin’ time” after work today.

I have had this on my Alpha yolk and not known if it’s the aircraft or the yolk. It is the same on all aircraft. I was looking at the F/CTL page on the EICAS display where it shows your control inputs.
( This was the Aerosoft CRJ ) . When the yolk is at rest and the aircraft is parked the left spoiler is slightly raised. I bias it to the right and slowly let go and it’s fine . There is a good tutorial on you tube
About calibrating the Alpha yoke but I’m a bit concerned that I might make it worse .

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I only calibrated mine using the normal windows calibration and it works fine. I will now go get a beer and see if I can replicate your problem.

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I think the link I posted refers to the (older, english gentleman?) that did a video of how to get into calibration mode earlier this year. Definitely going to try it in a handful of hours.

I knew I could count on you, StripyHawk. You gotta post a pic with the beer in it. :wink:

I have to do a “hard calibration” at least once every couple weeks. And forget about flying any fighter jets with the yoke, it just isn’t going to work.