Honeycomb Alpha & Saitek Throttle

I have been waiting since August to actually fly MSFS2020 This week I was able to get a couple of flights in using the Honeycomb Alpha , but the keyboard throttle was a problem. On landings I was crashing. 15 times and I’m a FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR! I got mad and turned the computer off. Then I got to wondering if there was a way that I could use my SAITEK throttle. Come to find out the I could plug the Saitek into the USB port and it recognized it. I put the control on the floor out of the way and the throttle in now next to the Honeycomb and I have configured most of the buttons to work. I now have 15 hours. No crashed but a couple of in flight breaks because overcontrolling and hitting the planes (Computers) limitations. Took the Pitts up and had a lot of rolls and spins. The landings are not true landing of a Pitts as they want you to go slower. The Pitts landing are about 75-80 knots.
After waiting for six months I’m having fun again flying the simulator

Yes before I had the Bravo throttle quadrant, I used saitek throttle with my Alpha just used the usb port had saitek throttle plugged into the yoke but obviously not used my saitek yoke. It did not interfere with my flight controls

I have an Alpha and the Saitek, which I have mounted on the right side of the yoke. Far right slider is mapped to throttle, with a 3-position wide handle attached.

Middle lever is unused as I’m using auto lean.

Left most slider, the one closest to me is mapped to elev trim.

Works pretty well, even in VR.

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