Honeycomb Alpha Yoke: Starter Switch Not Working

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When using the Alpha Yoke Starter Switch (front left of device) the magnetos engage as they should but when moved all the way to the Start position it is not working correctly.
In the Caravan the starter switch in the cockpit no longer moves forward when engaged (it used to).
In the XCub the starter switch engages but the prop merely spins for a second or two and then stops, repeating the cycle but never starting fully.
If you flip the Alpha Yoke switch to each position and then stop at the ‘Both’ position you can successfully start the engine in the Caravan by flipping the Starter switch in the cockpit, or turning the key to the Start position, in the cockpit of the XCub. It used to work via the Alpha Yoke prior to this update.

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In the Caravan, turn the Alpha Yoke Switch to Start, while viewing the switch in the cockpit. It doesn’t move forward/engine does not fully start (It used to).
In the XCub turn the Alpha Yoke Switch to Start and watch as the engine engages and then stops, repeatedly (It never used to do this).

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R9 3900X
500GB Evo NVME
Win 10 20H2

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Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?

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This has been a problem since day one on a number of planes. The starter key switch is “momentary” and the duration of the start event is defined by the engine.cfg in the flight model, not how long the key on the Alpha is @ the start position… Its a hack-way of doing it, but that is how they setup the GA Planes.

I’ve had to edit the engine.cfg on all planes for a “on-time” for the starter of 3 or more seconds. Most 3rd party / community mods also adjust this “on-time” for this reason as well.

Recent changes to how they handle inputs have made this behavior worse in SU5 and WU6… I’ve had to resort to using simvar’s and my stream deck for a lot of commands I was previously using the bravo/alpha for as they just don’t work right anymore. (Toggle, Set / on-off type commands)…

The core state of the sim is a hot mess, frankly…

For the Turbo Props’s, never used the key switch for starting, only keyboard bindings or streamdeck / simvar’s… so no comment.

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