Honeycomb Alpha Yoke - Strobe Button Failure

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Strobe Switch not recognized

Latest MSFS Version.
Suddenly the Strobe Switch of the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke is not longer recognized.
It’s not a Hardware Issue, the Switch is working and is recognized in the Joystick Settings but the Binding is not longer working in any Plane. I tried “Set Strobe” and “Strobe On - Strobe Off” but the Switch does not move in the Cockpit. And it’s also not possible, to switch on Strobe with the Mouse. The Switch doesn’t move and is stuck in the OFF Position. Or better, it tries to move and goes back to OFF immediately. Also with deleted Strobe Binding. And yes, Strobe is only assigned to the Alpha Yoke Switch.
No Problems with other Flight Sim Software.

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