Honeycomb and Logitech panel use together

Hi all, I have the Honeycomb flight controls and throttle quadrant as well as Logitech panels set up with MSFS. There is, of course, duplication with switches and dials etc. My question is, can I bind the Logitech switches to functions other than what is indicated on the panels? For example, could I use the magnito/start-up knob on the Logitech panel to set autobrakes in a 787, or bind the light switches to other functions such as APU ON/OFF? If so, how do I go about this?

Logi panels are natively bound to their fixed controls via their drivers, so there’s no rebinding them natively nor in the sim.

You’ll need to get something like SPAD.Next in order to configure them. You’ll also have to remove the native Logi drivers in order for SPAD to work.

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Thanks Crunchmeister71

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