Honeycomb announced prices going up

Just received an email, due to chip prices and pandemic Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo prices will go up after 1st September. However Charlie pedals are almost ready for completion.

Just to make the community aware

I have never owned any of their products, but from the number of posts on here about various things not working with them, I do not think I would buy them.


I never had any issues TBH, and I payed well over the top on ebay…but I am very happy with my products. Was it worth it…IMHO…yes. I think the main issues people expect to plug and play…well that does not happen…its about tweaking again and spending time for it to work. I spent hours changing different formats for so many different planes.

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Most people posts when something is wrong, and for the rest of us without problems, life goes on.
I have both products, and even though I have the money to buy any rudder I want , I am still going to wait for their rudder pedals, because the quality of the products is incredible. MSFS is a beast of an app, it works for many and it doesn’t for some, it’s the nature of the beast because all PCs are not equal and neither the people that keep up with their Windows and peripherals updates, and of course, the tweakers, many trying all sorts of different tweaks to the CPU., the SIM, WIndows, etc trying to get an extra FPS. Many of those changes they make could be counterproductive after the next patch. Hopefully they keep a note of everything they have done so they can revert it if necessary. I have learned that with software like MSFS the best thing to do is to leave things alone and wait for the vendor to sort it out.


I agree I mean tweaking in the settings of MSFS controls for each plane…not changinging any config files…I fly a plethora of planes meaning my settings are for individual planes…C152…to a A320

I was told my throttle will ship this week. I bought it in May. Wait till you see the prices scalpers will be selling them for next week.

Absolutely agree, I have had my almost 10 months but I knew it was by Scalpers…giving me story accidently ordered two :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: but they know its supply and demand…when it arrives hope you have many hours of happy flying :grinning:

Used both the Alpha yoke and the Bravo throttle and both have held up well, glad I was able to obtain them at cost and will gladly pay $299.00 for the charlie rudders

I agree with others here. I’ve had my alpha for 12 months, no my bravo since release day, and haven’t had a single problem with either.

Granted, the setup in MSFS has been more difficult than any other control/FS combination I’ve ever used, but that’s due to MSFS itself, and the two ways switches used. It’s just takes more time to understand and setup.

The only real issues I’ve had were the well documented 100/1000 increment bugs, and poor trim wheel response. These issues however, are 100% Asobo problems, and I don’t blame HC for this.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend these controls enough.

Got the e-mail as well,

Glad I was able to buy from retailers a few weeks ago in Canada (stock seems good here, they just got orders filled).

Ordered a set of CH Pro Rudder Pedals to get by for now until the Charlies are released.


I just hate people being ripped off…people love simming that cant afford it personally.

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Agree with many previous posters, Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo are awesome and I would highly recommend them. By far the best yoke and throttle quadrant I have ever used.

I have had no issues whatsoever with them.

One issue I see reported all the time is people having button assignments they are not aware of interfering with the sim, sometimes resulting in glitches that are difficult to troubleshoot. The way I avoid that is to set up individual profiles for the aircraft I usually fly, wipe all default button assignments, and manually assign only those buttons I actually need for that aircraft.


Well for me I have both and they should charge 349$ each … it’s killing everything else on the market … not too many competitors but still, Honeycomb is the way to go . I actually bought the bravo overpriced on Kijiji and it was the best investment I could make. It’s about time they put a price tag that matches the quality of their products.

Thank you honeycomb for upgrading my saitek gear.

Interesting…I haven’t read a negative review about them…I own both the Alpha and Bravo…and as a PPL holder, and a long time simmer, I personally think that they are the best bang for your buck in the market place, in regard to their feel and their action.
Only challenge I have faced is in the software parameters…but that is only because I am an old f.a.r.t.

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Excellent quality and build. I would pay the new price if I had to, I could not wait for the Charlie Pedals, so I bought the MFG Pedals which are top quality, a bit bpricier than the Chalie but I have them over a year now, and what a difference to the Saitek and CH pedals I used to have. Honeycomb Customer Service is excellent and respond to you right away. Top company to deal with.

Outstanding hardware. I’ve been one of the first customers of the Yoke and also got the throttles very early, both via Aerosoft. Amazing quality, no complaints at all and I’m really picky when it comes to controllers.

Points to improve would be to use hall effect sensors, maybe a second line with a higher price and second to increase the strength of the aileron. Compared to the quite good feel of the elevator it’s a little too weak.

I love that they try to fight against those scalping a**holes.

I have had my BRAVO throttles on order since they came out from two different retailers - still nothing! I too got the price increase notice. This world wide chip shortage is doing in a lot of businesses. Hopefully NOT Honeycomb.

Really sorry to heat that, but you will get it I am sure, its rediculous the shortages.

Well the Honeycomb Alpha version for the XBox (for MSFFS) arrives in 2022 earliest.
Lots of time for another price adjustment.
Sadly I have only this German source.