Honeycomb Bravo Accessories

I’m sure you’ve all seen the FlapModster video on YouTube… what a brilliant idea. So I downloaded the files for the A320 and since I’m in the UK I used the only UK 3D printer shown on their website (Matthew Latham).

Check it out at www.flapmodster.com

Received the items a week or so ago and I have to say it’s brilliant! Fits like a glove and works like a charm. Very reasonable too I thought. £3 for the rack, £2 for the catch and £3.85 postage.

I also came across another (US based) website offering Bravo accessories that look very good at www.aeromoto.net and they will ship to the UK

Just to add I’m not affiliated with ANY of the above in any way shape or form… just wanted to share.

I’m certainly going to order a few more racks for various aircraft

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I also printed out the Flap Modster for 3 and 5 notch flaps. I paid more but I also didn’t shop around much for printing.

Ive seen that trim wheel mod on Etsy before and am thinking of buying,

Hi I have the trim wheel covers on etsy if you’re interested. I think I have the best price too as far as I know. Also there’s flyhoneycombmods.com . Happy Flying!