Honeycomb Bravo IAS Autopilot Knob Has two settings, is this right?

Hey folks, need some help with the Autopilot settings on my Bravo.

Currently I am getting my keybinds for Bravo from the sim to put into spad.

Ok so the issue is on my bravo when I SEARCH BY INPUT and I select the IAS on the Left Autopilot knob (IAS is the bottom last option on the knob) it shows two different selections for Joystick Button 17 (17 is the correct knob settings number).

The two settings its shows are:

  1. Under Flight Instruments: Select Airspeed Bug
  2. Under Autopilot: Set Autopilot Airspeed Hold

So my question is, is this correct for that knob to have two selections or does one need to be omitted?

Thank you in advance!

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That’s correct – that will both engage the IAS mode and set the hold speed to the current speed.

[Wait actually I’m not sure that’s correct. :D]

I think that’s both engaging IAS mode and setting the selection for the +/- knob. This would mean the selection becomes out of sync with the selector knob, which sounds bad?

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I know right!

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Yeah :smiley: My recommendation is remove the ‘select airspeed bug’.

ISTR also I had some problem in the default bindings where switching past VS on the selector knob would toggle VS mode, which I had to unbind. Always double-check these things. :smiley:

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Ok I will give that a shot, that being said this guy uses different settings again, ugghhh confused