Honeycomb bravo levers not level at detent pisution

Just received my alpha and bravo today, but lever 5 (engine 4) is nearly 0.5cm lover in its off position than the others. I’ve read this isn’t entirely uncommon, so am wondering if it is worth returning and crossing my fingers, or not worth risking other issues with the replacement? There is also a bit of lateral play in the trim wheel.

Seems weird. Mine isn’t like that. My trim wheel feels solid too. Maybe you got a dud? (Or maybe I got an outlier if “dud” is normal?)

Thanks for replying. I think I’m going to send it back for a refund, not sure I want to risk a replacement as it’ll likely be from the same batch. It would annoy me every time I look at it. Had bought online, will get the next in a shop so I can just take it back if it has the same problem.

Yeah, disappointing for sure. I bought mine in a shop. Makes for easier returns in the event that it’s necessary.