Honeycomb bravo throttle, delayed again for me

I hate to say it but I don’t think that any retailers outside of HC really have a good idea of when they will arrive. I think they are all preliminary dates that just keep getting pushed further and further.

I got mine today as well, and played with it for a little bit. I plan on saving different configs for each aircraft type, so it will take a while. Tons of options.

Finally received mine earlier today. Just 48 hrs ago it was in Hong Kong. Look forward to setting it up but feel I’ve go catching up to do on the proper way to get it to work in each of my three sims - MSFS, P3D, X-Plane. Excited however for the prospect of one throttle system to cover all but perhaps DCS flying.

Unless you have the C130 mod then it’s perfect :wink:

Keep the faith - it is amazing - I pre-ordered mine with a retailer 07/07/2020. It arrived 01/04/2021, mid-day. Haven’t had a lot of time in it but the first flights were immediately incredible - I have never had a throttle quad before so for me it has been transformative. Couple it with the Honeycomb yoke and now I eagerly await their pedals later in the year (and their HOTAS setup) - will be set for years. The quality of the build is that good.


It’s worth the wait!
I got mine a few days ago and it’s ■■■■■■■ amazing but be aware that the default profiles are useless and cause all sorts of troubles so you need to spend time setting it up using vJoy and Joystick Gremlin to avoid the acceleration bug

Here’s how I did

I didn’t use either and the only bug I have is the heading/alititude selection bug

That’s great. Keep us posted.

Just got mine, spent a day clearing customs, once you have fedex notification it’s pretty swift, fedex app that is mentioned is worth downloading as it’s useful for tracking package, 4 1/2 days to get from HK …pretty swift, just need to setup now

Had a quick look in box, the product looks very high quality can’t wait for other releases … rudder pedals etc…qualities great at price point

Keep checking the Honeycomb website, sign up for email notifications. I did in early Dec and got a notice mid-Dec that they had some available. Ordered it right away and it arrived yesterday. I mainly fly GA AC and wanted it for the trim wheel.

I have a purchase request in at two online retailers and they are super about telling me there is no stock available. They send me an Email about every two weeks. I missed out on the sale on the Honeycomb website. Maybe by summer?

All the reviews and tests sites seem positive.

As far as I undestand it, Honeycomb as a small manufacturer does not have ‘own’ or permanent production facilities in CN. They book production slots at the factory of their choice. I suppose these contracts are made well in advance - months for sure, a year even? This cannot be easily adjusted, when the estimated demand changes, as the factory will have other manufacturing contracts to fulfill in a given time. HC Bravos this week, hairdryers the next…

I suppose Honeycomb had booked 5 weeks for the Bravo production, and then had to book new slots in 2021 to account for the huge demand. I think it has to be understood, that estimating a demand is very tricky for a small business: If you bet too high, you end up with huge debts that can ruin you. If you bet too low, you end up with dissatisfied potential customers, just the way it is right now.

HC have chosen to ‘play it save’ financially, and can you really blame them? Of course the demand is so much higher than the current production - for the Alpha as well - but who knows how long ago they had to commit to their production schedule…

EDIT: And the Bravo really IS worth the wait: I had ordered - and paid - mine in November 2019 (Europe, Aerosoft), and I have received it 3 days before X-Mas 2020. But, boy, it sure is a nice toy :heart_eyes:

Still waiting for mine. Becoming more and more in doubt if I need the thing.
Have a saitek quadrant that works ok. Trimming using buttons on my Honeycomb yoke works quite well, would most likely not use the buttons on the Bravo as I prefer using mouse to click in the cockpit anyway, dont fly big jets, gear and flaps mapped to the yoke.
All in all it is the trim wheel I am looking forward to, but it ends up being an expensive trim wheel, and then I can read about the setup hassle.
I am really in doubt??

Use your wait times to learn how to overcome the fact that they don’t work properly in MSFS (promised sim update aside…if it works). The trim wheel stinks out of the box, the LED light download crashes the sim for some people and IMHO there are many design flaws. Would not recommend for the money.

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It’s 100% worth the wait and set up hassle
The autopilot is so much better than trying to mouse push buttons and scroll altitudes & speeds
The quality of the 6 levers are sweet as

After an hour setup and some tweaking you’ll love it

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IMO the Alpha and Bravo products are great value for money and despite the few small issues that can be easily fixed they work very well. Binding inputs is easy but as always needs time. I have different profiles for single engine, twin engine and in props and jets. I am always tweaking but that’s FS I guess.

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Just got confirmation & tracking number for the bravo in NZ
(note: i already have my alpha and rudder pedals)

Hi, FWIW, I have unplugged mine and plugged back in, and the profiles I created for multi-engine GA and airliner are still there and work correctly.

Hi, I don’t use the switches or AP controls yet on the Bravo, but I actually really like using the gear up/down lever, the trim wheel, and the GA flap controls. I think even if you didn’t want to use it for airliners (it is great for them with the speedbrake and reversers, etc.) or use any of the switches or AP controls, I think it is a good unit. It replaced a Virtual Fly TQ6+ throttle quadrant for me. The TQ6+ is much more solid and well made, but that is what you would expect for the significant price difference. The Bravo Throttle/RPM/Mix controls are nice and good enough, and as I mentioned the gear/flaps/trim controls are fun to use. Much better than a controller or keyboard solution (which is what I was using for those 3 things). I frankly can’t believe how they do it for the price.

The trim wheel & ability to change the levers sold it for me
Great value but if it was too much more it would start competing with modular systems

At this price point it sits on its own; cheaper solutions are basic entry level gear; if you want more than the alpha & bravo provide you gotta pay a lot more for a modular system.

I expected to pay at least 20% more so I’m very pleased with its value

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