Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant axis not moving in Sim

I have recently got my Bravo Throttle Quadrant and this is happening.
The axis in the settings for the Prop, Throttle and the Mixture do not move when I move the Throttle on the Throttle Quadrant. I have checked in the “Set up USB Game Controllers” application and it shows the axis moving. It is only in the sim that they are not moving.
If you may know a solution help would be greatly appreciated

In the sim, clear those axis bindings and set them up new.

Initially, I remapped my various Honeycomb Bravo levers as shown in Rmag’s YouTube video tutorial, which has been referenced a bunch on the forum. In the Sensitivity settings, the Throttle 1 lever appeared to move through 0% to 100% quite normally and linearly yet in the sim while flying, I couldn’t go lower than about 30% throttle and the throttle on increasing would suddnely jump up from there to about 60% or 70% and be “linear” to 100% just over the last little bit of its upper range. It turns out when mapping, I must have screwed up by mapping Throttle 1 to L-axis Y-, somehow.

I went back, cleared the input, and validated to remove Throttle 1. Searched all Honeycomb Bravo bindings for Throttle 1 and mapped it by input scanning. This time I came up with L-axis Y. Moved the throttle handle from all down to all up, back to all down and validated. Now the Throttle 1 lever works great in very linear fashion through the full range of engine RPM .