Honeycomb Flap Kit?

I do not unterstand a single word here in this video, but does anybody have a clue what product this guy reviewed here? Is it a future official release by Honeycomb or from a 3rd mod? I have never heard of it, nor seen announcement on Honeycomb webiste, nor for pre-order elsewhere.

The kit looks very good and tempting for all Boeing aircraft: recent 737s and upcoming 747, 757, 777โ€ฆ and does not look like 3D printing products:

I have the Boeing 737 throttle and flaps add ons. Well worth jt.


Have a look here. 3D printer required.
I have made several them & they work well.

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You can get those flap in all shapes and sizes on Etzy.

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This is official Honeycomb Flap kit for Commercial Airliner.

I Use it too. so honeycomb hompage not update yet. but south korea honeycomb sellor, AceAlpha sell it now on $39.99.

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