Honeycomb Support

Having trouble with my Bravo I attempted to contact support via their web site. It took a couple of weeks but finally they got back to me with instructions to send back proof of purchase, pics of top, rt side, left side, front, back and bottom. Once received they would send me a shipping label.

Since sending in all the data they have ghosted me.

Has anyone else had dealing with Honeycomb support?


If you search the internet (Google) this is par for the course from HC.

I already have it in my head that I would just buy another unit should I ever have issues and hope that the old one got repaired eventually and then kept aside as a spare.

From the comments I have seen over the last year or so the general consensus seems to be one of a great product but a poor level of support.

You have my sympathies. I have just bought the Bravo throttle quadrant for £150 in a black Friday sale. Fantastic product at a great price.

Hope I don’t regret it.

I may be one of the few Bravo owners who had a perfectly reasonable experience reporting a technical problem to Honeycomb and getting a response within about 24 hours. Subsequent dealings regarding RMA went well. I have no complaints myself.

Nice to hear something positive.

You have given us all some hope for when all goes south :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad I sold mine over year ago. Dealing with warranty stuff is getting harder and harder in a lot of places. Just do not need added stress, as this sim gives me enough.

What did you replace it with?

Virpil VFX/Mongoose base and There CM-3 Throttle Unit. VIRPIL USA - Home (virpil-controls.us.com) - Excellent quality 95% metal, I highly recommend them. If you bite on it, I have a listing of custom settings I have created and I can send you them. I have them in word format. so at some point, it’s better if I send it in e-mail. I am still trying to get the cameras set like they used to be, and not having lots of success. I think I need to understand the settings better before I try to change/or assign buttons on my VFX POV Hat switch, I want it to jump 90 degrees around the circle, and it just moves around the circle. It was correct before, I uninstalled this game due to frustrations, in hindsight, maybe just should have walked away. All configurations on device lost and I had to start over, and MSFS changed how some work on and fought them for two days getting them to work on all planes same way.