Hong Kong Airport 3rd runway in operation but missing from the map!

Wish there is a fix as it had been already in operation.

Yes, Hong Kong is a mess in this update and Macau isn;t much better either. Chek Lap Kok acts as if it has three runways, referencing a “center” runway while visually having only two runways. Loads of reclamation around both ends of the HZMB has water-colored land because the satellite imagery is out of date too. The Kai Tak Tunnel’s traffic now drives above ground and with vehicles that drive sideways or on the diagonal. It looks awful without third-party fixes.

Not that it would fix CLK as that’s not covered, but hey Asobo, are you aware that the Hong Kong Government has already made and publicly released detailed 3D models of almost the whole of Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula? Can you license that and include it in the sim please, as the quality is far ahead of the autogen and handful of custom objects that you have now.


yes bro the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities is too broken and need fix !!!

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I love flying around the area.
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