Hong Kong City Scenery with Kai Tak !?

There is a beautiful Hong Kong City Scenery in the marketplace. The description says something about compatible for Kai Tak. Can someone please tell me which Kai Tak Scenery is meant by this ? Thanks for help, JoeAir


Kai Tak doesn’t exist since years… ( to much danger )
You can stil spot the remainder of it but the majority of that former airfield is now filled with buildings.

Possibly one of these? I do not know. They are free to download so it costs nothing but time to try.

Pls. have look into the available hong kong city scenery. there you’ll find kai tak in the description. i know about the history of kai tak, so im wondering why this new scenery is compatible to kai tak.

thanks, give them a try, easy install in the community folder.

The actual reason was due to limited means of expansion of airport.

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only an assumption: There is a great Kai Tak scenery for P3D by FlyTampa and maybe they plan to bring it to MSFS too. Developers talk to each other, so there might be a plan.

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This one:

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I had the same question as I noticed the Redwing Sim Kai Tak is now available on the in game marketplace. I don’t want to buy it unless its compatible with the HK scenery I also purchased in the marketplace.

Hi all,

The Redwings Kai Tak scenery is awesome! It resembles the state of 1995, the year when KaiTak was closed down. Now the Hong Kong city scenery is from SamScene. Both are compatible, BUT you have to take care: the SamScene scenery consists of three folders, one for the city, one for VHHH and one for the the NEW Kai Tak bay area. Obviously you should disable the folder with the Kai Tak area. Otherwise you have the old runway, with the new Hong Kong ferry terminal at its eastern end :grin:

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I bought kai tak redwings too. Fits perfectly with the hk city scenery. Only the moving cars that drive across the runway are not nice. JoeAir

This kind of traffic is automatically created by generic roads.

For the moment, the only way to remove the vehicles is to set the traffic parameter Traffic in the setup/option/general page to 0%.

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Don’t worry, the scenery is amazing. It is known that the MSFS still has problems with traffic. Together with the HK Scenery it is a very nice scenery. Buy recommendation.

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just bought this in the market place - great add-on
but strangely although the airport does appears in the sim I cant seem to search it to start a flight from - either using the icao code or by name? any ideas how to fix? (note I was using a freeware version of the airport before this and I could search it!)

update:just tried it again and the airport is appearing and some flights its appearing but not as a “full” airport? with the landing challenges they don’t seem to recognise the runway?

Hi Oliver,

I purchased the HK city scenery and KaiTak from the MSFS internal marketplace. and yes I am exactly witnessing the “the old runway, with the new Hong Kong ferry terminal at its eastern end”. I can’t really find the three folders you mentioned and how can I “disable the folder with the Kai Tak area” ? Thanks in advance!

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SamScene has released an official exclusion file, get it here: Kai Tak area exclusion file of SamScene3D Hong Kong City Times • Microsoft Flight Simulator
Just put it in your community folder and you are good to fly :slight_smile:

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Oh, thank you Oliver for the hint and link …


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You saved the day sir!

many thanks~

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Hi JoeAir,

I also bought both of Sam Scene Hong Kong scenery and Red Wing Kai Tak. But I noticed that ICC, the tallest building in Hong Kong is missing. Do you have such problem?


Hi, i will have a look later (tomorrow '?), actually i started the update and do all necessary settings to get the sim running as before. JoeAir