Hong Kong to Tapei CTD (possibly from Kai Tak airport)

I always get a CTD after I load a flight plan from Hong Kong to Taipei airport. Anybody else has this?

P.S. Apparently when I removed the purchased Kai Tak airport all OK now…


If you can get me more detail I will try to replicate what you did-

Can you post the detailed flighplan;
What aircraft were you using
What are your graphics settings
how far into the flight were you getting the CTD

I load the flight plan from VHHH to RCTP with the default Boeing 787 . I have the latest NVidia GeForce driver 4.6677. As soon as I load the flight plan and before I start the flight I get a CTD. I removed the Kai-Tak purchased (by ALI501) airport and load exactly the same parameters and all OK no CTD.

Hi there,
Since this sounds like a third-party addon is the culprit, I’m moving this into Third Party Addon Discussion.
If you find that you can still reproduce this CTD without the add-on, we have a brand new standalone CTD subcategory in the Bugs & Issues category where you can report it.

I had the one for Kai Tak, from flightsim.to, but every time I got within about 22nm of that addon airport, CTD. No matter what else I did there was a CTD until I removed it. Not payware but still an issue is the same general area, interesting . . .

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I bought this Kai-Tak airport for 17.99 Euro and I think the supplier was ALI501. Unfortunately I cant find the site I bought for and I want to send them an email about this. Does anyone know or bought the same airport so it can give me their site?

Are you sure VHHH is Kai Tak?:thinking:

VHHH is Hong Kong International Airport and it crashes when I use this airport as well as Kai-Tak airport.

So the problem is not from you but HongKong :sweat_smile:

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The problem is the payware Kai-Tak airport. When I remove it from the Community folder, all is OK.

I can’t see Kai Tak VXXX no more after installing world update 5 yesterday, I use either Ali501 and Superspud versions on Flightsim.to, both wont seem to work no more, any one got a fix for this?