Hope it gets better soon

I was stocked when I heard the new MSFS would come out… I’ve been playing them since the 95 edition and had them all from 98 to X.
Today I finally could try this version. And yeah the graphics are great although it does look like sat images. But then my GPU isn’t that great so I haven’t tried high graphics yet.
What I tried is to fly out from the airfield I learned to pilot gliders at. Chartres-Champhol (LFOR). And the airfield with its two 10/28 runways (one hard, one grass) isn’t there.
What surprised me is that Bailleau (LFEL) which is beside, is there. Now I know Bailleau is known for its glider world competitions. But it’s still only a glider airfield while Chartres does have real aircrafts all the time (we even had an Antonov AN-2 once)
I flew over Chartres. And on the sat images the airfield is there. Can even see the hangars built by the engine… just no runways… Why?

On another note… what I noticed too is the missing windsocks that should give you the winds so you can choose your runway… This should be visible on every airfield airport and so on even at the lowest graphic setting!!

overall… Well there is potential… but I’m disappointed at the moment… I’ll wait for a while see how it goes before I buy a full copy instead of gamepass.


Our community at msFLIGHTS(dot)net have commented on lack of wind socks in MSFS2020 that were frequently displayed in all the other multiplayer sims we have played together since Microsoft Flight2012. (FSX, X-Plane, P3D, Dovetail FSWorld, MS Flight2012).