Horizon Sim 787-9 Available

How exactly does it leave the ground WHILE attached to the ground? If it’s attached to the ground, it can’t leave the ground.

Could you please use different words to describe the problem?

The problem is real, it’s been confirmed as a known issue on their Discord.

However I’m not sure it’s related to fuel load - I’ve had it with 10000kg as well.

The aircraft seems to “stick” to the runway, blowing through V1 and VR and no amount of trim-up or firm elevator pulling seems to help. Until then all of a sudden the aircraft veers off the ground quite suddenly, very often resulting in a tail strike.


I see. Thanks

I experienced this on my first flight as well. Had a tailstrike when trying to yank it off the runway, which is not something I’ve experienced in the other Dreamliner variants.


can to be more specific - looked through all the pages and can’t find it.

Found it…buried pretty deep!


Something weird here too.
Vr (158?) unable to rotate. Pull further back on yoke. Suddenly at 170-ish ias it rotates abruptly.
Seemed glued to the ground with speeds lower than 170-ish.
First flight, so might be doing something wrong.
But this felt all wrong imho.

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The release note mentions something about high res cockpit textures that can be separately downloaded. Question is: Where?

Someone above said it’s a confirmed issue.

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I also happen to have this issue, Before reaching around 170 knots, the elevator has no authority, but in physics, it also feels being nose wheel stuck to the ground, once you reach around 170, there’s like a small bump you hit, and suddenly you have a different attitude and taken off, so no rotation, its a bump and you are in the air.

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it is all wrong.

Here’s a workaround: when you rotate, input what you think would be the normal amount of back pressure on your yoke, then hold it there. give it a few seconds and it’ll lift off. not ideal, but at least you won’t get a tail strike.


Same here. Pulled back and nothing happened and then suddenly bam, tailstrike.


Move CG to back in menu-it helps with taking off.

I refuse to download liveries ca.500MB each!!! This is crazy! Will wait for 4K or something.

Okay, but I shouldn’t have to do anything to “help with taking off”. As long as the CG is within limits, the plane should calculate the correct trim setting to achieve consistent behavior on rotation every time. It’s either calculating the wrong trim setting, or it’s calculating the correct trim setting but the trim isn’t working as intended, or something is keeping the nose wheel stuck to the ground until certain conditions are met and it suddenly breaks free.


I thought it was odd that they would release it like this, so initially thought it must be me, but nothing I changed made any difference. It seems to be happening to a few people so I am not alone here. The problem is repeatable and consistent. As it won’t even lift the nose until 170kts, everyone is at full aft stick by then, and a tail strike occurs. Trying a more gentle use of the stick sees the aircraft start to rotate at 170+ knts.

Tried it with just the 787-9 in my community folder and the same thing happened.

Only ever use Modern flight model.


I haven’t made a flight yet but there was some talk from one of the devs on the Discord that if you import Simbrief data and use that for weight and balance, you end up with a reasonable CG in the 20 - 28% range, but if you enter weight and balance in the FMC directly, you might get incorrect numbers. Having not done anything but spawn in and play around a little bit this afternoon, I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but might give something to experiment with and help narrow down issues.

Really? 500 MB for a single livery?

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It’s nuts!
8K liveries are great if you only fly vanilla MSFS. But throw in a large third party dev airport scenery, a nearby city, some AI airliner traffic, GSX and voom, GPU VRAM exhausted.

Not forgetting people’s M.2 drives will lose space rapidly with half a GB for every livery.

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I don’t have any aircraft sounds at all for the RR version… inside or outside (not just engine sound… all sound). sound for everything else is fine. reinstalled, redownloaded, tried all the sliders… no sound at all. I also have the weird rotate issue, and if you try to adjust trim at all right after takeoff, up or down, the plane just immediately goes nose straight up like 10,000 fpm.

The size of the 8K liveries does give one pause–and forces us to choose amongst our “children”.

I’ve downloaded one of the United Airlines liveries–it looks nice sitting on the tarmac with the space and time to examine it up close. Aloft, on a flight, not so much…

I’ll stick with the units in the livery package and only download 8K options for those missing from it.

I should add that those who spent the time to create the 8K liveries did an excellent job!