Horizon Sim 787-9 Available

On the Headwind Discord, this was announced just this morning. Free on PC.

Edit: I should mention that this requires you also own the Premium Deluxe edition as you need the Asobo 787-10 for this mod to work.


I’ve been looking forward to this. Where can one download the Horizon Simulations Installer?

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Jinx! :+1:

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Make sure you look in the Horizon tab for it as it wasn’t clear to me that it was not in the main/starter section.

Also, anyone have insights into how/if this replaces the Kuro version (I understand he is working with Horizon but no where does it say its a replacement).

*Edit - I see that Horizon’s is a -9 vs. Kuro which is a -8 so different model.

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Gave it a go, but there seem to be few bugs. There is a performance drop of about 20 fps over the Kuro 787-8. To be fair the default 787-10 suffers a similar performance drop, but it is marginally better thatn the 787-9. Not sure why the Kuro 787 performs so much better.

Also the flight model isn’t quite right as the nose wheel stays firmly on the ground even with full aft stick up to about 175 kts. Checked and my trim is set as nose up as I can get it without moving out of the green zone. Weights are just the usual 50% MSFS loads on a flight and flaps 15. By comparison the 787-10 and the Kuro 787-8 are able to pitch the nose up as soon as the elevator gains authority, and easily lift off as you pass 140kts at the default 50% load.


have you been able to get the System tab working on the flypad? I can’t get it to work and thus can’t import a simbrief plan (the center console say I need to access the system menu to login but can’t get to that screen).

The system page I think it is referring to is in the mcdu not on the efb. I have managed to enter the simbrief user ID that way

As you say , definitely seems to be something not right with elevator authority 180kts before able to pitch up


I have a feeling that if the plane was not able to take off that would have been discovered during beta testing, and probably even Alpha testing.

It seems unlikely that the aircraft would be released in a state where no one can takeoff. I’m pretty confident that the developer would have noticed. Most likely it’s a bug in your local environment.

Have you set Modern flight model?

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The stock 787-10 is somewhat strange with how weight and balance is loaded and the resulting center of gravity sometimes tends to make trim settings… odd? There’s a lot of discussion on the Working Title DIscord attempting to understand how these are working behind the scenes.

I therefore wouldn’t be totally surprised if there are some additional W&B/CG/Trim peculiarities going on with a mod based on the 787-10.

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You could experiment with whether changing the CG makes a difference. Try moving it back a bit

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I downloaded the mod and started experimenting with basic setup/startup procedures. Out of curiosity, where are all the liveries promised in the Discord announcement last weekend? I see there some individual liveries starting to popup on Flightsim.to but is there a separate livery pack to download somewhere that corresponds to the list from Discord?

EDIT: NVM, found it. Seems like they would have linked it from the main 787-9 page or on Discord but if they did, I clearly missed it.

Good day, i have read about a freeware Horizon 787-9 which is released today, i am Xbox Series X version user, i didn’t find it on yhe marketplace, any clue about it? Thanks

Why the liveries are soooo heavy??? The package takes 15 GB!

if you set minimal fuel load , aircraft operates as expected , anything above 50% fuel , aircraft leaves the runway still firmly attached to the ground . I might be missing something but stock asobo and kuro 78’s definitely not doing this.

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Because the livery pack is ~30 liveries, each of which is 400-500MB. Would be nice if those were broken down into sets or made available individually in the RAR archive so we didn’t have to install the ones we aren’t likely to use. That said, the ones I’ve checked look pretty great.

I have removed most of the liveries from the main folder just keeping 4 , keeping the file under 2gb.

Anyone else having black screens? I have premium deluxe and the 78X installed but my screens don’t turn on

I have found some like 35 MB