Hot Fix to get rid of haze

Are you sure the 2nd pic is not from the mars rover?

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I just completed a flight from Detroit to Raleigh-Durham NC (KRDU) in the Aerosoft CRJ-700. METAR weather at Detroit was low overcast with rain and 4 miles visibility which was well depicted. I did not break out of the clouds in climb until almost 25,000 feet.

Descending over North Carolina the clouds became broken, then scattered. There was no evidence of haze until descending below about 8000 feet, and even then it was light, and in patches here and there - not everywhere.

KRDU METAR was calling 10 miles with a temp/dewpoint spread of 11 degrees C. Visibility was good on the approach to runway 23L and remained so until landing. I am very familiar with this airport and its environs. Visibility was probably between 16 and 20 miles. There was a very light haze layer, but nothing out of the ordinary for humidity of 55 percent.

Since I suspect that all elements of live weather can be adjusted on the servers before being pushed to MSFS clients, perhaps they are working on adjusting the haze injection logic after reading the many complaints here on the forum.

On this particular flight, I saw nothing to complain about at all regarding the weather depiction, but I will try more tests in other areas.

Just flew KEDW → KMHV and got the same hard transition from 70sm to 10sm visibility.

The haze is very hit or miss, but when it hits it does look pretty good.

haze is real. Makes the sim that much more realistic. Ive seen different levels of haze since SU7 and it’s awesome

Where are you flying? Just curious, cause in my area it’s awful. Wonder if it’s location based.

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Today in southern California (took off from KSNA) I saw tons of haze all around the Los Angeles Basin and Riverside, but there are strong Santa Ana winds today that would have pushed any such haze layers into the ocean in real life.

I really think someone at Asobo thought that 10sm visibility means exactly 10sm visibility and not “10 or more, up to and including infinity”.


Earlier today, I flew out of FAWB. On the runway, everything looked great and sunny. When I took off, I was hit with a cloud that totally obscured vision. When I flew of the cloud, there was a cloud above the airport, that the bottom of the cloud then went down to the airport. But the cloud just surrounded the airport and went straight to the ground. Everywhere else in Pretoria and heading south to Johannesburg, was clear and sunny. I would not expect to take off from a sunny runway and climb into a thick cloud that obscures visibility, have it look like it goes all the way to the ground, and the rest of gauteng province be sunny. It was definitely a weird experience.

yeah thats what it is now… just weird. Not sure how this passed QA/QC.

Those who says there’s no weather issues and the sim looks better than ever, love the everywhere haze are the same who pick any plane, connect directly from the threshold while online, fly from external camera and never heard about METAR… so they just think it’s a new feature that makes the sim even beautier… they just don’t care if the local metar shows cavok and the weather system is injecting ils cat III conditions… all that matters for them is the outstanding visuals so there isn’t any issue with the sim.


METAR are embedded into the weather data of MeteoBlue, I think, and it’s not very easy to do… Maybe some adjustments must be done BUT I flew several hours today in France, Scotland, Colorado and Montana and it was not so bad… The haze effect seems very realistic to me as a real pilot. Maybe it’s not perfectly true to reality, but it’s change very quickly. And for the first time in MSFS, I saw maritime mist where it was supposed to be !
We will never have something perfect.
I had once a brutal transition, but only once, icing in clear sky and low cloud base (but I don’t think it’s between MSL and AGL otherwise the clouds would not touch the sea)

What utter patronising nonsense. I don’t think anyone is really saying there isn’t issues with the weather, clearly there are and clearly it’ll all get fixed in time. There have been major issues with live weather in the past and Asobo have worked it out. Fog, smog, haze, mist. I’m sure it’ll all get sorted.

ps I have heard about METAR. People who haven’t heard about METAR are just as entitled to enjoy this sim in their own way as you are. Also, even if you fly inside the cockpit only you’re still sitting in front of a computer screen playing a flight simulator. You’re not actually in a real plane, sorry to break your immersion. Flying in the outside view is perfectly valid, if thats how you want to enjoy the sim.


I dont know where I stand in this conversation TBH, However I will always go with real world pilots opinions.

There are alot of well known pilots on this conversation that have given their opionion on how realistic it is.

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some people are unwilling(ignorant) to see the bugs , i guess.

I suggest you do just that. Go outside then get on the sim and compare notes. I’m willing to bet there aren’t clouds sitting on the ground everywhere in the real world.

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They need to fix the metar implementation, not just haze. The haze itself is incredibly well done.


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