Hot Fix to get rid of haze

Can we get a Hot Fix to get rid of haze?


I know its rather excessive isnt it, it was better before the patch. You can turn off weather at least to clear and it will go away, but right now yikes…

Should of made this a voteable thread so we could get a consensus.


I have only seen it twice, and it looked pretty good.


Already done last night – Go vote!

don’t think it is a matter of a preference or consensus, haze is a thing of the real life and thus we should have it, just they should make it right.


Haze looks pretty good. Depends on humidity levels etc


I think it depends on where you are flying.

It is way, way overdone in the US. If the METAR at any given airport is listing visibility at 10sm, it only extends the visibility to 10 miles and not 20, 40 or even 50 miles that it potentially could be. It’s causing random pop in fog/haze, which wasn’t supposed to be a thing anymore with the weather model in MSFS. They either need to learn how METAR is reported in the US or remove the feature until it can be modeled correctly, regardless of where in the world you are flying.


A hotfix removal isn’t going to happen, just like it didn’t for the lightning and icing. We just need to keep voting up threads to improve the situation be it excessive haze that doesn’t match METARs or bad transitions between haze and no haze.

Edit: A hotfix to not lock the visibility at 10 in the US is definitely needed.


It looks great until you encounter one of its shortcomings, and then it can be potentially game breaking.


Here is KPHX with 60 mile visibility

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.11.18 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.11.18 -

Can’t even see the runway 6 mile out. " That’s the most dumbest request I have seen here"
Still think it’s a dumb request?



I’ve seen Calgary look really bad, just like in the pics, it was surreal when I first saw it, but I think it should be an option and only to cities with options to control it like, random. Options is what is needed here to tailor it like a fine suit. Options to cover all bases instead of global warming…LOL!! please.


We already had it, they just thickened it up to much…This is what it used to look like, now it looks like the smog we had in the cities in the 1970’s.

It’s also causing icing in what should otherwise be clear conditions! This needs to be fixed asap. Thanks!

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Did you miss the part where I said that it needs some fine tuning? Still doesn’t warrant a complete removal.


Well … in real life phoenix look like this … so not that bad … and certainly no 60 miles.

I noticed today in denmark where the REAL metar sAid overcast … in real life it was HAZE with a faintly sun …

So i am not sure if we all understand Metar in the first place


Should there be haze…yes, but I think this is 20 times more than it should be. The graphics are so much better it’s a shame the hide them.


Love this…

Hey you know that feature you spent months working on? Can you just go ahead and ctrl-z that? Cheers… :rofl:


All fine by me as long as the visibility mimics the METAR, which it doesn’t do apparently.

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Well as you can see … REAL life haze is even thicker …. So u want to remove the haze so you can see buildings ?.

Again …. I even encountered REAL metars not saying what the REAL weather outside was in danmark this morning. NO SIM … but REAL

So if the sim is taking that metar …. To users it may not look good but it can not be better


No I just want it to look realistic. Take a look at the rest of those live pictures you found and compare those to FS2020.

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