Hotas One Xbox one X - not connecting

I have an Xbox one X and a a Hottis one. My joystick isn’t being picked up by the Xbox and isn’t even recognizable in the Xbox settings menu I’m using cloud gaming is this an issue other people are having? I’ve tried all other troubleshooting options like disconnecting the USB plug-in, and obviously switching the Xbox PC switch. Is this due to a compatibility issue with cloud gaming or is my joystick faulty? Have I overlooked any other issues?

Don’t believe sticks are supported in cloud gaming, just controller.


What if I buy the downloadable version. Or can you only use cloud gaming on the ONE X console?


Cloud Gaming is the only way to get MSFS on the One X.

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Thanks for your help. Looks like I’m returning the Hotas one or buying the new Xbox lol

Is ace combat 7 compatible

Not sure, may want to check on their forums…

This is MSFS :slight_smile: