Hotas Warthdog use with XBox Series X

Please make the Hotas Warthdog compatible with XBox Series X.

Xbox compatible controller must have Xbox specific buttons. AFAIK Hotas Warthdog do not have these buttons.
There is no official way to make it work on Xbox.

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This is not something that Asobo have any control over.

Your Thrustmaster Warthog is simply not compatible with the closed ecosystem of Xbox and would require the compatibility chip demanded by Microsoft as well as likely firmware changes.

There are apparently third party devices which act as “adapters” for regular pc controllers to work with Xbox but I have no idea if these actually work.

Outside of that there are a small selection of compatible flight control devices, including one offering from Thrustmaster.* Honeycomb and Turtle beach will add to this.

*If Thrustmaster were to add this compatibility to any existing product it would more likely be the Airbus variant of the T16000 rather than the Warthog.


In order for a controller to work on Xbox, it has to be manufactured with an Xbox security chip built in - for which Microsoft gets paid a fee for every one sold, of course. Without this chip, you can’t officially use a device on Xbox.

It would have to be Thrustmaster that makes an Xbox compatible Warthog. And your existing Warthog still wouldn’t work then because it doesn’t have the chip.

Check out the turtlebeach instead.

Not the same, that’s clear…but you can have a ton of fun with this one, compared to an xbox controller. Cheers