Hotas Warthog Taxi

Hi all,

Just bought the Hotas Warthog stick and throttle and trying to set it up. I can’t for the life of me understand how to taxi. I read about using the pinkie button but how to you operate the rudders please?

You could bind the axis for the Throttle Friction Control as rudders and use it to steer on the ground and the pinkie switch can be set as wheel brakes.


Ok thanks a lot I’ll have a look into it and much appreciated :+1:

There’s no twist axis, so there’s no rudder control unless you either:

  1. get rudder pedals (the ideal solution)
  2. use an alternate control like @f14billy suggested

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I assume you have the stick to go with it. I bound my rudders to the button below the red one where your thumb rests. L/R is rudder L/R. U/D with that same button is used for flaps in my setup.

Why do you want to taxi using the throttle? Does your stick not have a twist axis?

Also, isnt there a setting for autorudder via ailerons while on the ground?

Hi, yes sorry I bought the stick and throttle kit.
Really happy with the quality and so nice to fly using the stick and feels a lot more life like.
Just having a bit of trouble working out mapping everything now as so many switches and buttons etc but guess that’s part of the fun in the beginning and finding out what works best. After flying using mostly Xbox controller I’m a bit bewildered))
You don’t happen to have a list of sheet with all your settings by any chance?
I know the button you mean and I have flaps on this up and down and left parking brake and right was landing gear much like on the left d pad on the Xbox controller.
Thanks a lot for your help!

I wish I could post a list. As far as I know, there’s no way to generate one. I can help with one offs. Just DM me. If/when I find a way, I’ll surely share them all.

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Ok no worries and I understand. Thanks and if I get stuck or need to ask I’ll drop you a message, cheers :+1: